Gratitude In Advance

Good Morning Friends,

Happy Thursday!!  I challenge you to invoke the power of gratitude into your life by taking a moment to pause right now and tune into what you are thankful for.  Feel your vibe change as you breathe in genuine, sincere gratitude. 🙂

Today, I am thankful for a tool, gratitude in advance, that increases the power of our faith. I was introduced to this concept a few years ago and love it.  As I was listening to my 5 year old daughter pray, I realized she naturally prays using gratitude in advance.  She says, “Thank you that I won’t steal anymore.  Thank you that tomorrow will be a good day.  Thank you that my friends will play with me tomorrow…”. She very rarely asks for a blessing, but instead thanks God in advance for the blessings she desires.  

As we go about our life, striving for the desires of our hearts, I sometimes notice  myself sounding like I am begging, whinny and/or desperate in my prayers.   I do not like this energy and I realize this is not praying with faith.  I’m grateful to understand more clearly how faith works.  First, we must clarify our desire, then ask if it is according to God’s will.  If it is, then we strive to obtain a promise that God will grant us the desire of our heart.  Once we receive this witness, we no longer need to ask for the blessing.  We have obtained a promise and know with assurance that it is on it’s way.  From this point on we can simply express gratitude in advance, acting in faith that we know it is coming and we are so grateful.  We must surrender the timeline and the way in which the blessing will come, but we solidly land in gratitude in advance for the answered prayer.  

Have you ever prayed with gratitude in advance, thanking God for what you are hoping for as if it has already happened? I am hoping for some exciting opportunities and invitations to come my way.  I’m clear on the specific blessings I desire, I have obtained a promise that God will grant my wish and now I am in the process of strengthening my faith by feeling and expressing gratitude in advance.  It takes mental exertion to exercise faith this way.  It takes consistency and persistence to continue in this faith despite how long it takes and not knowing how the blessing will come.  I am so thankful for this tool of gratitude in advance and how it keeps us in the energy of faith during the wait. 

What blessing are you working towards?  Have you incorporated gratitude in advance? I challenge you to do so and to be aware of how this tool influences your faith.  I’d love your feedback!!


Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss

Physical Therapist, Life Coach

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