Gratitude is a SUPERPOWER

One of the favorite sayings in the Noss household is, “Gratitude is a Magnet for Miracles” and “Grateful people are Happy people”. This is because gratitude is the superpower that saved me.
A few years ago I was stuck in a dark and painful depression. Questions about my worth and the direction of my life tormented me. Self-doubt about my abilities and my purpose paralyzed me. Self-loathing about my body and all the ways I was weak beat me further and further down into a horrible, black prison of lonely despair.
God heard my cries and sent me the anti-dote…Gratitude. As I committed to focusing my thoughts on gratitude… as gratitude became the overriding fuel for my actions, little by little my life changed.
The miracle that gratitude brought into my life at that time was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Life Coaching.
Now, just a few short years later, the miracles continue to flow from a grateful heart.
Now I give women their lives back and it totally lights me up!!
Through a faith centered fusion of Physical and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I facilitate women to take 100% responsibility, to attack the issues of their life and I empower them to THRIVE!!
Although the air quality sucks right now, there is one amazing thing about smoke-filled air… it creates the most gorgeous sunsets!! And gorgeous sunsets are yet another reminder to count our blessings and operate life from a place of gratitude.
Today, my heart is bursting with this powerful emotion! The reasons are plentiful:
*Berklee’s soccer team won the Mayors cup today and she is learning so many life lessons through soccer ⚽️
*Berklee has the most phenomenal soccer coach- full of profound patience and a depth of care for the girls on his team that is truly inspiring ✨
*Cory and I spent the entire holiday together!!! And got some screaming deals at the UnderArmor outlet 😆
*Im basking in the bliss of getting totally wrinkly in a hot bath as I write this 😂
*One of my clients sent me this text today “….you have been such a blessing ALREADY to ______!! I am in so much debt of gratitude to you!! My sis wants to call you…she has shared your info with dozens of people…said its the best $ she has spent in her lifetime… ________ is making friends so easily now and truly loves herself!! Wowza!!” There are not words to describe how happy this makes me 😊
*Some of my besties totally spoiled me by driving a total of 2 hours up to my house to see me and hang out last week 🥰
*IylaGrace is wearing “Big Girl Panties”!!!!! After 16 years, I just might be done with diapers!!! 🙌🏼💩🙌🏼
Gratitude is a superpower!! It is a magnet for miracles!! Grateful people are happy people!!
If you are ready to start thriving, I’m ALL IN for showing you how. Let me teach you how to operate your life from the emotions of gratitude, love and faith.
Living life with a mind that is firmly controlled, a body that is purposefully loved and a spirit that is powerfully tapped into is transformative!!  I am so excited to show you how. 👊🏻

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