Dear Friends,

I love that this “Thankful Thursday” lands on Thanksgiving!!  When I started this weekly email, I didn’t consider that once a year Thanksgiving will always be on a “Thankful Thursday”.  Pretty awesome!! 🙂

Today, I’m so thankful for the power of GRATITUDE.  According to a dear friend, the emotion of  gratitude is the highest frequency emotion we have access to, surpassing even love.  I believe this is the scientific reason behind the sayings I live by, “Gratitude is a magnet for miracles” and “Grateful people are happy people.”  

Gratitude is a bridge emotion.  If we remember to utilize it, gratitude will take us from a low frequency state such as stress, overwhelm, hate, frustration, anger, betrayal, misjudged… and be the bridge for our feelings to get to higher frequency emotions such as faith, grace, abundance… even love.  

A gratitude hack is to consistently give our brain questions to solve for such as: “What is awesome about this?”; “How is this actually a blessing?”; “What is the silver lining here?”; “How can this be rigged in my favor?”;“What are the blessings in my life?”; “What can I find to be grateful for about this?”; “How can I grow from this?”; “What are my top three for today?”…  It is so neat to watch our phenomenal brains bring us evidence of our blessings and solve for the questions we intentionally ask.  When this lands us in gratitude, more blessings continue to flow because of the universal law, “That which you focus on expands.”  Gratitude is powerful!!

It’s so amazing how Gratitude isn’t really for the recipient of our appreciation.  Sure, it makes them feel good.  However, the reason it is a commandment to be grateful in all things, is because of what it does to the person expressing the gratitude.  Gratitude elevates, empowers and attracts miracles.  Who couldn’t use more of that in their life? 

I’m so grateful for you!!  Truly I feel like the luckiest woman alive to associate with such phenomenal people!!  Your commitment to growth and becoming more and more like Christ is beautiful to behold.  I love you guys and am blessed by our interactions!!

Gratefully Yours,

Candice Noss

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