Growth Through Being

Good Morning Friends,

It’s Thankful Thursday— already!!  It is crazy how fast time flies.  What things are coming to mind that fill your heart with gratitude? What are you grateful for today and during this past week? I challenge you to write this down and journal about it.  How can we constantly live from a place of gratitude?

I found this quote that I printed off years ago and gave as a handout for a lesson I taught,

“To EXPRESS gratitude, is gracious and honorable.

To ENACT gratitude, is generous and noble,

But to LIVE with gratitude ever in our hearts, is to touch heaven.”

Thomas S. Monson           

Today I’m grateful for something kind of perplexing to me at first, but powerful- “Growth through doing nothing”… as in doing nothing productive according to “to-do” lists or tasks accomplished.  In my life I’ve always thought growth happened in the doing.  I considered myself an achiever.  I am a “go-getter”,  and a “get-er-done” kind of girl.  I have always had a gift of figuring out how to get done an insane amount of things.  Life is like a Tetris game to me.  I love orchestrating schedules, fitting in all the practices, games, calls, duties, jobs and assignements.  It’s magical how 95% of the time it all comes togeher and I’m able to get “all the things” done without missing anything.  It is such a full life and a fertile place for growth.  Most of my life I’ve experienced this “Growth through DOING”.  

BUT- I’m learning a new type of growth.  Growth through “BEING”.  I’m grateful for the lessons this type of growth demands: increased patience; the ability to say “no”; understanding and honoring limits; setting boundaries; asking for help; and accepting “what is” by letting go of resistance in order to move forward.  This type of growth demands being the “receiver” of the service, which is an incredibly humbling place to be. (It’s much eaier for me to be the “giver”!!)

Have you ever had a season of “growth through doing nothing”, or “Growth through BEING”?  Maybe it was a job loss, an injury, a loss of a loved one, an illness… I’m grateful for the introspection and spiritual stretching incumbent with “Growth through Being.”  I’m thankful to know wholeheartedly, with a bright and firm testimony that our worth is set and it is infinite and there is nothing we can DO about it. Worth is God’s business.  Growth is our business.  Worth is set. Growth is optional.  On this Thursday, I am so thankful to know that growth happens not only in the doing, but also in the being.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for being able to receive from others today and throughout this season of “Growth through Being”. 

Thankfully Yours,

Candice Noss

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