Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Friends,

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  I hope you are all connecting with loved ones and basking in the gratitude for this beautiful experience we call life. 🙂

On this most epic of Thankful Thursdays, being that it is Thanksgiving, I can’t help but be thankful for the power of genuine GRATITUDE!!

One of my favorite sayings is “Gratitude is a magnet for miracles”.  The reason I love this statement so much is because it is true!!  When I was stuck in an awful depression, gratitude is the thing that provided the miracle I needed to heal.  So many times in my life, gratitude is the reason the miracles come.  Who doesn’t need more miracles in their life?  Gratitude is a magnet for them, truly!  Gratitude is an emotion that resonates at such a high frequency, that it creates a  powerful driving force pulling the miracle we need into our lives.  I know that might sound a bit ethereal, or out there, so here are some scientific results proving the power of gratitude:

  • Harvard Medical School recently reported multiple studies showing people who express gratitude are significantly more optimistic and feel better about themselves personally.
  • Research published in the last decade has shown that grateful people have fewer common health complaints such as headaches, digestion issues, respiratory infections, runny noses, dizziness, and sleep problems.
  • A paper published by The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence concluded that expressing gratitude creates a feeling of connection with other people.
  • Paul Zack, a professor and Neuroscientist at Claremont Graduate University states, “Neuroscience shows that recognition has the largest effect on trust, especially when it is tangible, unexpected, personal and public.”
  • Berkeley University conducted FMRI scans on individuals who wrote gratitude letters and compared them to the FMRI scans of people who did not.  They found people who wrote gratitude letters had better activation of the medial pre-frontal cortex than those who did not write the letters.  The medial pre-frontal cortex is the place in the brain that responds to things like drugs and alcohol.  Showing gratitude lights up those places in our brain, and, gratitude is a much more positive and safe drug than nicotine, crack or weed. 😉
  • Studies from the Cicero group, published in Forbes Magazine showed that people on the receiving end of gratitude have: a 33% increase in their innovation; 22% increase in work results; and they stay with the organization longer, than those who are in companies that do not have a practice of appreciating their people.
  • Gratitude has been proven to: deepen resilience; boost immunity; increase heart health; calm the nervous system; engender desire for self-improvement and improve communication skills.

This is just a small sprinkling of the vast amounts of research out there proclaiming the benefits of GRATITUDE.

So, if you are interested in a better life, generate gratitude (by the thoughts you think) as often as possible, every single day!!  Draw miracles into your life.  Utilize the gratitude effect, by intentionally being grateful and acknowledging the good in your life and in others all along the way.  

What are your favorite gratitude practices that help you stay operating from an attitude of gratitude? I like keeping my brain busy with questions like, “What’s awesome about this?”, “What is special about this moment?”, “How can I trade my expectation for appreciation?”, “What are some tender mercies I saw today?”… I love tapping into my “top 3” and asking my kids everyday what their top 3 is.  I am striving to write more notes and texts of appreciation.  I want to be more consistent with a daily gratitude journal.  What do you do to see the world through a lens of gratitude?

I am so thankful for the power of gratitude in my life.  It is one of the top 5 core emotions I strive to drive my actions from because of how truly magical it is.  

I am so thankful for you and your support- Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Thankfully yours,

Candice Noss


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