Hard vs Tricky

Good morning friends!!

I’m so grateful on this “Thankful Thursday” for women’s retreats, complete with new insights and friends that uplift and inspire.  Last week I had the opportunity to spend Wednesday through Sunday in St. George focused on learning all about light, energy, spiritual gifts, healing our mind/body/spirit and tapping into our most divine self.  It was AWESOME!!  

I am excited to share one new insight I received during this retreat, that I am incredibly grateful for.  It has already created more flow and a powerful shift in my everyday life.

We participated in an activity where we walked through a labyrinth which represented “Purging”, then got to the middle which represented “Illumination” and then walked out of the labyrinth symbolizing “Transformation”.  As I began this activity, I felt deeply moved that for some reason I needed to be the last one of the group to enter the labyrinth.  Then, I further felt impressed to do it with my eyes closed and only allow myself to see one step ahead during the “purging” part.  This was brutal and painstakingly slow with multiple instances where I got turned around, confused and lost.  It was very hard, to put it mildly.  I was extremely emotional  as I compared the experience to my life.  Once I hit the middle, “Illumination”, I fully opened my eyes and almost ran the whole way out during “Transformation”.  There were so many micro lessons learned and experienced along the way- it was truly an amazing experience.

Later that night as we were processing the activity, my friend Martina Muir asked me, “Candice- is there a pattern in your life where you continually make things hard?”  It was a blow at first, however I realized there was some truth in her question.  As I worked through the beliefs associated with this question, a sweet friend offered how loaded the word “Hard” is.  Hard is a low frequency word that instills overwhelm, dread, stress and avoidance.  She suggested that instead of using the word “Hard”, could I substitute the word “Tricky”?  Tricky engenders a sense of challenge and competition, a dare to solve a puzzle or figure something out in a fun, playful way.  I realized the word “Hard” doesn’t serve me and made a commitment to substitute the word “tricky” anywhere I would normally use “hard”.  I wrote a new empowering thought into my calendar on an alert so daily I am invited to think, “I am committed to allowing tricky things to be fun and easy.”

Returning home from the retreat I was bombarded with all the demands of my full and amazing life.  I was tempted to think, “This is so hard”, but instead I held firm, continually re-aligning my mind to my new thought, “I am committed to allowing tricky things to be fun and easy.”  It has been a powerful shift.  I was able to prepare for a presentation in under 3 hours (which was a total victory because I am used to spending upwards of 10 hours on a presentation).  The presentation I gave went so smoothly!!!  I felt fantastic about it and it definitely was NOT hard!!! I managed (with Cory) to get all my kids rides/practices/games covered, as well as started the first week of Freshmen Girls Basketball, all from a place of empowerment due to my new thought, “I am committed to allowing tricky things to be fun and easy.”  I am so grateful for this powerful mindset re-alignment!! 

I challenge you to watch your words and wherever you would normally say or think “Hard”, consider replacing it with “tricky”.  Notice the energy change as you switch this one word.  Let me know how it goes!!

Gratefully yours,
Candice Noss

PS This retreat made me so freaking excited for the retreat I am putting on with Kristen and Becky!!!  If you’d like to be uplifted with new friends and insights that will inspire and empower… JOIN US!!! 
It’s January 27-28th at a beautiful cabin up Chalk Creek, by Coalville Utah. Our adventures include snow shoeing, hot yoga, and foot zoning.  We will be inspired by the “Magic of Mindfulness” with our money (financial planning and coaching expert), with our identity and purpose (Regional Business enhancement expert), with our ability to receive inspiration and follow intuition (ME!!)…. AND so so so much more!!!  It’s going to be such a powerful reset right at the first of the year to set the tone for 2022.  I hope you will come!!
 Email Becky Stolle to register!! (bstolle79@gmail.com)

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