Head Hygiene

I found this pic of Berklee from last fall when I attacked my weeds. I keep thinking about how important it is for me to share this concept- especially as many of us are working to increase our faith— so here it is…

Weeding is just like head hygiene!!

The problems in our life seem huge and they take up so much head space- seemingly tall and vast like this weed, but when you get down to the root of it- it’s just a thought… some stinking/shrinking thinking, that’s all!! And we can totally change our thinking!! Cleaning up our thoughts is just like getting to the root and pulling out the huge weed.

We have the power and the privilege to be the boss of our brains!!

So… what is taking up the most headspace in your mind? Think about what you are thinking about- is it serving you? Some thoughts that used to take up WAY too much headspace for me (and I see sabotaging my clients) are some version of “I’m so messed up” “I’m not enough” “it shouldn’t be this way” “I suck” or “This is not how it is supposed to go”. These kind of thoughts create feelings of self-doubt, shame, unbelief, frustration, discouragement, overwhelm… and they are LIES!!

Get to the root of the issue by identifying the problem thought creating that feeling. Apply the gold standard of thoughts- If a thought isn’t serving you -> reject it (even if it feels like a fact or the truth). Pull out that out of control weed!!!

The powerful fact is- you have the agency to choose deliberately how you want to think and therefore feel instead. The results of pulling out the craptastic thoughts and planting the seed of new empowering thoughts are transformative. Plant a thought— a seed— that generates faith, love, gratitude, grace, abundance… Let this seed grow by nurturing that thought. Think it over and over, proactively and prophylactically. Your brain will find evidence for this new thought until it becomes a strong belief that lets you operate your life from faith, or the high frequency emotion of your choice that serves you so well!!

If you’d like help weeding the crap thoughts out and planting the powerful thoughts in your head— if you are ready to live with a mind firmly controlled, work with me!!

I’m filling up my May BodyLove group now— join me!! I also coach one-on-one, have a conquering confidence course, and speak at retreats. Wake up!! Transform!! Rise up!!

Magnify your incredible life by living with a mind firmly controlled, a body purposefully loved and a spirit powerfully accessed.

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