How the Mind, Body,
Spirit Trifecta Works

Trifecta Experience

By honing my knowledge and skills as a Physical Therapist and Life Coach, I’ve created a system for overcoming the struggles of life based on a Faith-centered fusion of Physical Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The Trifecta Transformation System creates focused awareness, intention and analyzation of each piece of our humanity- the mind, body and spirit. Use my tactical and proven process to dissolve the issues that are keeping you stuck. Attack your struggles with my Trifecta Transformation System and you will never be the same. As you allow me to help you up-level your life, you will nail your goals and become an increasingly better version of yourself. I will help you realize who you really are and empower you to step into the person you were sent to this Earth to be. I can’t wait to blow your mind with the power you can tap into using my Trifecta Transformation System.

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The Mind

Did you know you have complete power over every single thought in your head? The things you believe about yourself, your body, your relationships, your job, your finances, your situation…are simply thoughts– AND thoughts are NOT facts!  They are optional. Let me help you understand and examine your brain. You will be shocked as we unlock awareness of the self-limiting thoughts that are keeping you stuck. Let me help you realize that the power you possess within your own mind to change and create new results.  Having a mind firmly aligned is critical to your happiness and necessary to live your best life.  You already have the power within you.  Let me help you align your mind to unlock it! 


The Body

Are you comfortable in your own skin? Does your body look like you want it to? Are you experiencing pain or weakness that is limiting your quality of life? Is there something you want to do if only your body would allow it? Let me help you! I have over 20 years of experience as a Physical Therapist and I possess the skills necessary to facilitate you in getting the most out of your incredible body. I will work with you to establish habits and practices that will keep your body functioning optimally. Your body is a gift.  It is the vehicle for your mind and spirit.  It is the instrument with which you will perform your work on this Earth.  As you purposefully love your amazing body, you will be in a position to combine the power of your mind, body and spirit to continually grow.


The Spirit

Did you know your spirit existed before you came to earth? Do you ever long for something you can’t quite explain, but know in your core is out there? Do you believe you are here on Earth, at this time, for a specific reason? Let me facilitate your ability to effectively access your spirit and connect with the divine.  I share light and truth.  I instill knowledge and understanding of  laws and principles which I have gleaned over a lifetime of study as a disciple of Jesus Christ and as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I can help you access deeper levels of love, faith, grace, gratitude, prayer, and charity (to name a just few) that will feed your soul and attract miracles into your life.