Dear Friends,

I am thankful this week for the virtue of humility.

I came across a poem written by Ben Lee from his book, “Pride and Paradox: Exploring Christ-like Humility and the Struggle to Defeat Pride”. As I heard this poem, it really struck a chord with me. 

“Take my mind and slow it down,

‘Til I no longer want a crown.

Make wealth and fame in short supply,

‘Till I am smaller than the needle’s eye.

Cut me down and break my heart,

Just never from me God depart.

Chasten my soul ’til I shall be,

In perfect harmony with Thee.”

Reading this poem inspires me to examine myself and to keep my ego/natural woman in check. I am reminded, as I read this poem, about my lessons with surrender and submitting my will to God’s.  The fact is, being totally willing to let Him prevail, “100% committed with zero expectation”, truly opens us up to the growth He so desires for our eternal benefit. 

Humility doesn’t mean self-deprecation, but it does mean knowing that without God, we are nothing.  Humility does not mean we allow others to walk all over us, but it does engender Christ-like virtues of meekness and long-suffering that enable us to become better upon better versions of ourself. Pride is the enemy.  We truly can love and accept ourselves without crossing over into pride.  We absolutely can know that we are designed for greatness and are doing great things, while maintaining a humble countenance, because Christ is the source of our strength.

Ben Lee also said in his book, “Greatness is temporary. Goodness is forever.”  It reminds me of a quote from Neal Maxwell, “Some sincerely wish for more power in order to do good, but only a few individuals are good enough to be powerful.”  Goodness is 100% within our control. Greatness is not.  Seeking to be good, despite who is watching or what we will gain from it, is the more fulfilling path.  

I am thankful for the powerful reminder to check myself for pride and intentionally drop the ego or natural man’s desire for power, fame and/or prestige.  I’m thankful for the reminder of surrender and the strengthened commitment to simply be good.

What are you thankful for this week? What is something you’ve been learning?


Genuinely yours,

Candice Noss


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