“I am LIGHT!!!”

This is my favorite new empowering thought!! I can’t take credit for it- one of my phenomenal clients came up with it… but I’m stealing it!! (Which is truly what happens with all the best thoughts 😉).

✨ “I am LIGHT!!” ✨ As in opposite of heavy✨✨as in cheerful, fun and carefree✨✨as in full of light ✨. ✨”I am LIGHT!!”✨

What is 1 thing that is guaranteed to help me believe and live up to this thought, “I am LIGHT!!”…

💃🏼 A DANCE PARTY!!! 💃🏼 (We won’t be on “Dancing with the Stars” anytime soon 😂 but we have fun!!)

Try it- grab a kid and start dancing. ✨ It feels so good!!! ✨

The truth is—> thoughts create feelings, every time!!

So…Think good thoughts!!

If you’re ready to start believing “I am LIGHT “ in every sense of the word, work with me!!

Time is running out to sign up for my November Body Love Group. I’m not going to start another group until the new year, so jump in now!! It will not only take off the weight, it will change your life!!!

DM me, I’d love to connect with you! ✨💖