Increase Your Capacity to “Own Your Greatness”

It’s Thursday! I invite you to let this fact remind you to reflect on your week to acknowledge and remember the lessons, experiences, people, circumstances, and things you are thankful for.  Today I am grateful for an invitation life gave me this past week to increase my capacity to “own my greatness”.

Last week I spoke to a room full of powerful women about their divine greatness.  I spoke to teach, enlighten and empower them to use their unique gifts, strenghts and talents, aka their “greatness”, to serve this world in powerful ways.  I used my own life experiences to express the critical importance of knowing and receiving love from our higher power, loving ourself and tuning into our purpose in order to genuinely own our greatness and use it fulfill our missions to this world.  It was an awesome experience!

 As I spoke, I felt the profound light and incredible energy that this group of women posess.  I understood in a sacred way the force for good the women attending this event are, and have the potential to be. While speaking, I felt the genuine truth of what I was saying resonating so powerfully through me. Oh how critical it is for us to “own our greatness” and use that greatness to bless others! I also understood as I spoke that I truly am living into my mission and purpose. It was clear to me that I need to continue to love and accept myself, flaws and all, owning that I also have gifts, and an important work to do. It was a beautiful moment in time, and I am so grateful for this experience! 

Friends, do you “own your greatness”? I end every one of these Thankful Thursday emails with “Remember- You are designed for greatness!!”  Do you fully understand what that means?  Do you recognize that divinity resides within you and this greatness is what you are to use in the service of others?  You are so incredible in so many ways!!  I invite you to increase your capacity to “own your greatness”.  Tap into that greatness as you strive to make a difference in this world.