Inner Child

Good Morning Beautiful Souls!!

I am thankful for my sweet IylaGrace who busted out in a dance party yesterday at lunch, reminding me to stop taking life so seriously and to start having some fun!!  The thing I’m especially grateful for about this impromptu dance party is that it allowed me to connect with my inner child and to embrace my “mini-me”.

At every retreat I’ve been to or put on, there has been at least one experience of connecting to and embracing our inner child.  The truth is, we can’t truly know who we really are, and fully love and accept ourselves until we address the wounds to our inner child and embrace her.

I love this definition of trauma, “Trauma is not what happens to you; Trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you.”  The crazy thing is, trauma can also be generational.  If we don’t deal with and heal from the trauma we experience, we actually pass it on to our children!! (Look up epigenetics- it’s mind blowing!!)

The fact is, no matter how amazing our parents were or how charmed of a childhood or adolescence we had, there are wounds and trauma we suffered growing up.  Not knowing how to deal with trauma or process intense emotion leads to wearing masks and trying to hide the intense hurt.  The fear of rejection or disappointing parents/teachers is real and leads to further stuffing of these emotions.  And then there is being scared of asking for help or being unable to even articulate what we are experiencing inside.  Every adult on this planet has inner child wounds.  I invite you to take some time today to connect with and embrace your inner child.

To do this, picture yourself around 8 years old.  What did you need to hear? What were you struggling with? See yourself in Middle school- what were you going through?  Imagine your high school self.  What was the most traumatic thing you went through growing up?  As you identify just one trauma, do not be critical, just compassionate for your younger you.  Give your inner child a hug, embrace her.  What were the words you needed to hear?  Maybe something like, “It wasn’t your fault”, “You are loved”, “You are doing an amazing job”,  “You are enough”, “You are special”, “You are seen”, “You are smart”… come up with 3 things you wish to tell your inner child.  Write them down.  Tell them to yourself!!  I’m serious- look in the mirror and tell yourself these 3 things.  Now, go and have some fun… I recommend a full out dance party!!

It is crazy and illuminating to examine our triggers.  Triggers are clues to wounds we haven’t healed.  I guarantee that when you are triggered, as you dig deeper and deeper to the core of the issue, it boils down to something poking at a past trauma.  As we connect with our inner child and embrace her by acknowledging trauma, addressing the wounds and compassionately giving ourselves what we needed at that time, we no longer will be triggered.

Yesterday, as I connected with my inner child by having fun with IylaGrace dancing, I realized I needed to tell my mini-me that “I am special”; “I don’t need to do anything to be worthy of love and acceptance”, and “I am whole-heartedly loved— exactly as I am”.

Take a moment today to truly play!!  Have some fun and access that child inside!!


Genuinely yours,

Candice Noss

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