It Takes as Long as it Takes – Designed for Greatness 6

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Do you ever want to see results faster?

Have you ever quit something because it took too long to work?

Do you find yourself in a rush, wondering why it’s taking so much time?

We set goals, we ask for blessings, we work towards desired results, and then— if you are like me, we go “ALL IN” … what do you do when it’s not happening fast enough?  It is so easy to be in a hurry and then wonder WHY the thing we’ve worked so hard for, isn’t happening.  How do we access the grit and perseverance necessary to stay committed to our goals, even when they are taking FOR-EV-ER?  How can we cultivate the virtue of patience gracefully without all the resistance, discouragement and frustration?  How can we consistently and persistently show up “ALL IN” as we pursue our ambitions… despite delayed or non-existent outcomes? The truth is, “It takes as long as it takes” AND  It truly IS possible to find Joy in the Journey, regardless of delays, detours, and speed bumps. Join me as I explore the law of gestation, the law of the harvest and the intricacies of this truth, “It takes as long as it takes”.

I challenge you to turn finish lines into mile-markers and drop the frenetic pace that leads to burnout and quitting.  Take a breath and get really present- allowing yourself to celebrate wins and enjoy the journey. SEE, SAY and FEEL in high frequency.  Understand the law of the harvest and the law of gestation. Release every smidgen of: force energy, controlling timetables; and pushing agendas. Surrender to God’s divine and perfect timing. Realize this life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.  We can generate how it will feel there, right now, while we are here.  We must cultivate self-belief first, before the evidence will follow. A rigid, results based, fixed mindset rushes.  A flexible, process driven, character focused mindset, founded in trust and love waits. 

The question is, will we keep a good attitude when there is no progress?  Will we continue to show up in alignment and do the work required if the reaping is not forthcoming?  Have faith, cultivate patience, trust the process.  What is meant for us is coming to us. Have faith, God isn’t finished yet. He is setting the stage.  He is orchestrating all of the moving parts and His timing is perfect.  You are stepping IN to your divine greatness and… It takes as long as it takes.