It’s Not About Me

Good Morning Friends!!

Have you ever wanted something so much that your excitement/nervousness about the whole thing got in the way and stifled your ability to show up as your best?  When it’s time to perform or step into a new role have you experienced that your insecurities and anxiety got in the way of you meeting your potential?  Have you ever wanted so badly for others to think you are amazing or desired to impress someone so much that the pressure you placed on yourself actually shut you down and hindered you from showing up authentically?

This week I’m grateful for a simple saying that I was reminded of on Sunday, “IT’S NOT ABOUT ME!!”  We were discussing the importance of reaching out to friends and neighbors in order to bless them with friendship, compassion, and connection.  Often this requires that we put ourselves in potentially awkward situations which push us outside of our comfortable cave.  When this is the case, I was reminded that it is powerful to remember, “It’s not about me”- it’s about serving my “neighbor”.  When I realize it isn’t about me, it is easy to put my weaknesses aside in order to help or reach out to another.  Have you noticed this in your life?

In the world of life coaching, a popular saying is “Discomfort is the currency for our dreams.” Every goal we set should push us outside of our comfort zone.  Every time we are required to stretch of our skills, talents and abilities it is uncomfortable.  In fact, usually we fail a few times until we learn what we need to in order to grow and up-level.  Failure isn’t negative, although it isn’t fun.  Failure is actually necessary.  The better we get at putting our best foot forward, despite mistakes, discomfort and imperfections, the more we will progress.  An effective strategy to maintain the grit necessary to push through whatever discomfort that comes up is this simple statement, “It is not about me.”

I’m so grateful to have had the chance to put this life hack to the test this week. I had the opportunity to present to a group of about 30 teenage and adult women on the topic of “Attacking Depression and Anxiety”.  I absolutely love speaking!  I know that might sound crazy, but it is true. 🙂  It lights me up to share light and truth with others who are seeking to grow.  I anticipate these speaking engagements so much. I desire wholeheartedly to touch hearts and open minds in order to empower these incredible women to step in to who they really are and step up to their missions to this world.  Part of my mission is to help others learn how to more fully love God, themselves and others- and I take it very seriously.  I’ve often felt that all my excitement and the pressure I put on myself for people like my presentations, gets in the way of my best work.  As I presented on Tuesday night, every time I felt that fluttering in my stomach, I realized I was concerned about what someone might think of me, so I drew upon the power of the simple statement, “It’s not about me.”  This kept my focus on the amazing women I was there to teach.  It enabled me to not only effectively use my gifts, talents and strengths to bless them, but it also grounded me in a solid place of confidence and self-belief.  It truly works!!

I know that I get in my own way when I make it about me.  I stifle my abilities when I concern myself with what others will think about me.  Whether it is a presentation, a post or reel on social media, a coaching call, a video I make for a course, a webinar, meeting new people or putting myself out there in any way, when I remember “I’m here for THEM and it’s not about me”, I am able to truly show up authentically and tap into my full potential.

I challenge you to try this life hack next time you are feeling nudged outside of your comfort zone and start to be concerned with your insecurities or what others might think of you.  Take a breath and remind yourself, “It’s not about me.”  Then move forward with faith, trust and self-belief, striving with your whole heart to use your gifts and talents to bless others.  As we take the focus off ourselves and put it on those we intend to serve, magically we show up in alignment with our highest selves. Let me know how it goes!!

Rooting for you always,
Candice Noss

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I’d love to speak at your next event!! Keep me in mind 😉

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