Jesus Christ

Happy Holidays my dear friends!!

I am so thankful for Jesus Christ!!  I am grateful for this season where we have so many reminders to focus on our Lord and Savior. 

On one of my coaching calls this week, a client and dear friend was wearing a sweatshirt that said, “Binge Jesus”.  I love it!!  I’ve been binging the series “Chosen” over the past week and am so incredibly thankful for this show!!  If you haven’t watched it, download the free app “Chosen” and be spiritually fed.  You can’t help but feel closer and closer to Christ as you watch this show.  It makes me want to shout from the rooftops how important it is to know Christ and develop an unshakable, loving relationship with Him. Oh how thankful I am for Jesus Christ!! This is my testimony:  

I know that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God.  I love Jesus Christ!  He is the light of the world, He is my Savior and He is my best friend. He loves you and me with an incomprehensible intensity and power.  This perfect love we do not deserve.  However, because of  His amazing grace, He joyfully engulfs us in this transformative love anyway.  I gratefully receive of His love, even in my sins, messiness and struggle.  I strive to turn my heart to Him in repentance, again and again as I learn to bind the natural woman and live with a mind that is firmly aligned.  Through our Savior’s infinite atonement, we can be redeemed.  I know we are never alone.  In our struggles, if we ask, we will be continually enveloped in the light and loving embrace of our brother, Jesus Christ. Christ’s love sustains me and without it, I am lost.  As I endeavor to ground myself daily in the light of Christ, I hope for this light to flow through me and enable me to be an instrument for good in Christ’s hands. Christ is molding you and I, chiseling and purifying us into our most divine self so that we can become like Him. I am willing to let God prevail and I am prevailing with Christ.  It is my ultimate desire to become as He is and live where He lives. Through all the trials, triumphs and everything in between, Christ remains my sure foundation.  I strive to stay in alignment, 100% focused on Christ.

I challenge you to share your testimony of Christ in some way this Christmas.

May His light and love fill you up this Holiday season and throughout.


Genuinely Yours,

Candice Noss


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