Kenya- Life Changing

Hello Friends!

“There is no price that can quantify a life changed forever.”  

I’m not sure who to credit for saying this, but I am thankful for how eloquently it expresses my feelings about the recent humanitarian trip I took to Kenya.                                                 

The imprint left on my soul by the incredible people of Kenya is deep and dear.  Spending the last 2 weeks with them has changed me, and I am so thankful!  The sacrifice of time, energy, means, resources, even health, pales to all I gained in relationships, lessons, rich experiences, love, insights and connection.  Watching the hand of God pour down blessings upon these beautiful humans, and having the opportunity to be an instrument in that divine orchestration of tender mercies is one of the most special and important things I will ever do.  I witnessed and was a part of so many miracles.  My heart is overflowing with gratitude.

Not only was my life changed, but I know the children, families and individuals we helped will also be changed forever.  I believe the good we were able to spread will ripple down through generations as the foundations we laid will open doors and create opportunities for these hard working, salt of the earth, solid friends.  Divine love abounded as we were able to assist these friends in learning skills to help themselves in order to ultimately elevate from a place of struggling to merely survive, to contributing to their community and genuinely thriving. 

I am so thankful for all I learned from the special souls in Kenya.  One of my favorite parts of the day was the bus rides with my friend Elius Mwachia, aka “Ellie” to and from the Muriundu school.  He told me of his early morning devotionals with God, usually from 2-4 am.  I loved his daily “sermons” so much.  The love he expressed for God and his sweet family, especially his daughter Vigilance who has special needs, was palpable.  

My incredible friend John Njuguna, taught me what a life of service and growth looks like.  He is an expert in everything, always giving glory to God in all things.  He fully owns his divine greatness as he quickly chips in anywhere, anytime, for anything.  He lives a full life of volunteering at the school, in the church, for the community, helping abused children… as well as providing for his family.  He is a phenomenal man.

My beautiful sister Florence, the head teacher at the Muriundu Primary school, showed me what it looks like to be an empowered woman dedicated to championing children.  She is a solid example of a woman standing strong in her power, bringing about shifts and changes necessary for progression and growth within her sphere of influence.  She is an amazing role model for what it looks like to own your divine feminine strength, balancing work and family with grace and beauty.  

My friend Meshack is truly inspiring.  His life’s work is studying agriculture and using his knowledge of plants, fertilizers, pest control and vegetation to feed and empower others.  Through experiments and trials he was able to create sustainable and high yield kitchen gardens which grow quickly, take up just a small space and are easily maintained.  The vegetables harvested from 1 kitchen garden will feed a family as well as bring in a small income. He is single handedly providing a way for destitute widows and single mothers to feed and support themselves and their families.  The passion he has for his life’s purpose is inspiring and contagious.

My friends at Wendo taught me what it means to sing, yell, scream, dance, and express praise  from the heart.  They infuse God into every moment of every day- speaking in such beautiful, glorifying language which I wish I could duplicate.  To give you a taste, this is a message I received from my dear friend Bernard Muyambi, the most incredible musician I’ve ever had the privilege to meet.  “It’s a pleasure that I met you and I’m thankful for the good times we shared revealing the love of Christ to one another…Journey mercies to you and the entire group of Youthlinc, and kind regards to your beautiful family when you get home.  Blessings and may the good Lord Jesus Christ be with you.”  Their everyday language is such a testament to their powerful faith, and an example of what it looks like to truly be a disciple of Christ in every word, deed and every thought.

My sister Beatrice is such a confident, fun-loving, comfortable in her own skin, beautiful, shining example of a young mother who loves others in a grounded but fun way.  She has that cool vibe that elevates others and engenders feelings of acceptance and being seen.  She gave me a new name, I am not only Candice from Utah, but also Wanjiru from Kenya!

My friends in the sewing group taught us what it looks like to possess industry, patience, diligence and fortitude as they worked tirelessly to learn a new craft in just 2 short weeks.  They welcomed me into their circle with abounding love, allowing me to hold their babies, participate in thier dance parties and even did my hair, braiding in extensions for authentic African plaited hair.  Their future is bright as they are fully invested in the “together we rise”, “your vicory=my victory” mentality.  What a blessing to see this group of women come together for mutual gains.

And finally, the man who had the deepest impact on me, David Muiru.  He is a human manifestation of the power one person has to change the world.  He coordinated every initiative we threw at him with jovial competence.  He arranged for the right people, resources and paperwork necessary for each project, ultimately resulting in sustainable success for each endeavor.  His example of creating accountability through contracts and follow-ups as well as organizing  and legally registering groups taught me valuable lessons. His attention and dedication to the one child, or the specific individual touched my heart. His no nonsense style along with his good-natured humor is refreshing and inspiring.  He had stories upon stories of his lifelong humanitarian work that I couldn’t get enough of.  He started with the very first Kenya Youthlinc team  in 1999/2000 and has worked with every youthlinc kenya team, every single year since. ( AND- youthlinc is only 1 of the non-profit organizations he helps coordinate humanitarian work with.)  He’s traveled the entire world, serving through the Rotary club.  In all things he glorifies our almighty God, asking for divine intervention and blessings upon those within his sphere of influence. He is a new hero of mine and I am so grateful for his example of what is possible with a life dedicated to serving others.

My heart is full, my gratitude is flowing over and my life is forever changed.  

Glory be to God.


With love,

Candice Noss


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