Thursday, March 21, 2024

Good Morning Friends,

2 days ago, I had the honor to speak at my Grandma’s funeral.  I had 5 minutes to do the impossible- to give a tribute to our grandma from her 74 grandkids. (Yikes- LOL) How do you put into words the magic of a woman who loves like Christ Himself? Who made each and every one of us feel like we were the most precious, valuable, special soul to ever walk this Earth? No words can adequately express all the amazing things we love about Marilyn Allred Brown.  

I am thankful today for the beautiful insights and lessons that came to me as I pondered this monumental task.  I prayed, asking- “What would my grandma want her grandkids, great grandkids and great great grandkids to know?” These are the things that came to me in answer to this question.  I am so thankful for her legacy and am grateful I get to share a piece of her with you.

I believe Grandma Marilyn would invite each of us to:

  1. Make Jesus Christ our best friend- to continually work to strengthen our testimony of our Savior and live our lives striving to be like Him, more and more each day.  Oh how Grandma loved and adored Jesus Christ. She was voracious in her study. I believe she would counsel every grandchild to study the scriptures and the doctrines of Christ, then model our lives after our Savior.  She would admonish us to avoid getting confused or duped by the world- by holding fast to Jesus Christ and loving as He did. She was the perfect example of this. There is a song that reminds me of Grandma. It says, “I want to be a window to his love, so when you look at me you will see Him…  I want to be a doorway to the truth, so when you walk beyond you will find Him.”  This was Grandma Marilyn.  She embodies my favorite quote, “Live your life so that those who don’t know Him, will want to know Him, through knowing you.”  This is exactly what Grandma Marilyn did and how she would want us to be.  
  1. I believe grandma would counsel us to strive to never take offense, to be “unoffendable”.  This was part of her secret to having Christlike love. Grandma was a master at forgiveness, second chances and unconditional/transformational love.  Her ability to never be offended is another part of her legacy I know she would recommend it to all her posterity.
  1. Grandma would offer, in all her wisdom to us grandkids, to put our family first.  She would encourage us to put our family as the #1 priority.  To make our role as mother or father paramount, the most important thing in our life.  Grandma again embodied this.  She was the best nurturer I’ve evern known. Every single one of us believed we were secretly her favorite because she invested so much of her focus, time and energy on us, especially when we were in her presence.  As I think of my mother in Heaven, it’s easy to imagine Her, because Grandma Marilyn was such an epic mother to all.  

I am so thankful for these lessons she passed down.  What is the legacy you are passing onto your posterity? The way we live our life matters!!  I hope Grandma Marilyn’s lessons inspire and uplift you.

Thank goodness families are forever!!  Glory to God!!