Let Worry Go

Good Morning Friends,

It’s “Thankful Thursday”, and as I reflect on the past week, I am thankful for some repeated warnings showing up for me to let go of worry.

At first I brushed these little admonitions to the side.  I’m not an overly anxious person.  In general, I rarely drop into fear.  Whenever my thoughts begin falling down the slippery slide of “What if…”, I am usually very skilled at putting a hard stop to that kind of thinking. 

But, I’m determined to live by the advice that “repetition should rivet our attention”. The message to eliminate worry just continued showing up for me.  After a thoughtful, non-judgmental examination of the past few weeks and months of my life, it became clear- I really have been worried about so…many…things!!  To be honest, it was shocking to realize how much I have let worry wiggle it’s little tentacles into my thoughts, influence my feelings and effect my actions. Worry truly has been sapping my energy and stealing my joy.

What does worry feel like to you? Are you giving energy and space in your life to worry?  I challenge you to honeslty consider, what are you worried about.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had malicious hackers infiltrate my website and send phishing emails from my gmail account.  I felt violated and attacked.  I began to worry.

I have set some goals for my business and deadlines passed without the realization of the goals.  I felt disappointment and failure. I began to worry.

I heard some upsetting reports about bullying and other behaviors in school affecting my children. I felt concern and sadness.  I began to worry.

The problem with worry is it cannot coexist with faith.  It disintegrates our strength and leaves us consumed with things totally out of our control. Worry distracts us from what is true, keeps us from living in the present moment, and clouds our ability to see clearly.  Worry is a crippling emotion if we allow it to take root in our minds.

I was listening to a YouTube video and it said, 

“When we worry, we are essentially doubting God’s goodness, we are doubting His power, and His plan for us…Deep down worry implies that we think the problems are bigger than God, or that God is indifferent to our struggles.”  YouTube link

Yowza- that was a zinger!!  I felt the truth of this statement and realized my worry was truly me doubting God. The fact is, God is in charge of our curriculum and He will orchestrate it all, the good, the bad and the ugly, to play out in the perfect way for our growth… not necessarily for our comfort. 😉  I could see that worry was leading to a lack of faith, and if I continued to stay in this place of worry, I would stay stuck.  I’m so thankful for this new insight that allowed me to understand that worry is not only an ineffectively waste of my time and energy, but it is a destroyer of faith and a hinderance to my relationship with God.  It is high time we eradicate worry!!

The reason I began to worry after the hackers, the unmet goals and the problems at school was because of what I made these things mean. 

I made the hackers mean I was not safe, my business was in jeopardy and I would lose all my credibility.  None of that is true— just a worst case scenario that zaps energy and destroys faith.  What is true is that it’s time to make adjustments.  Nothing has gone wrong here and everything is figureoutable.  I’ve got teams on earth and in heaven helping me and this little bump in the road will soon be history.  

I made the unmet goals mean I was not good enough, that I was messing up the one thing I feel so led and called to do and God must be disappointed in me.  LIES!!!  It’s so frustrating that I find myself falling for this crap.  The truth is, failure is the next door neighbor to success, and in reality there is no such thing as failure- I either win or I learn and grow.

I made the problems at school mean my kids were going to get hurt physically and emotionally,  and possibly scarred for life. Where is my faith? The truth is, my children are strong and resilient.  They will learn the lessons meant for their optimal growth and they will become stronger for the struggles they go through. 

Friends, are the sneaky but pervasive tentacles of worry infiltrating your life?  What are you making the difficult 50% of life mean? How can you let go of worry and strengthen your faith to become unshakable?

I’d love your insights! 


Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss

Physical Therapist, Life Coach

The Mind, Body, Spirit Trifectawww.candicenoss.com


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