Life Lessons Through Soccer

April 25, 2024

Dear Friends, 

I am grateful this Thursday for life lessons learned through sports.  

There was a time, a few years back, when I was feeling burned out from taking all my kids, all the places, for all the things!! A mentor told me, “Candice, sports are a vehicle for teaching life lessons in a powerful, quick way.  Your kids will learn more about life in one season of a sport than they ever would in a year of sitting home doing nothing.”  It is true!!  Today, I am thankful for the life lesson Berklee learned this past week from her dedication to soccer.

It was the semi-final game for the State Cup (the biggest soccer tournament all year in Utah).  Our team had been training all year looking forward to this tournament and they were focused. It would have been easy for our team to feel like the cards were stacked against them.  They had 2 “own goals” where the ball came off of one of our own players to score for the other team.  The score was 0-2 with less than 10 minutes left.  The ref was calling everything on our girls and nothing on the other team and it felt very unfair.  The foul count was 7 against us and 1 against the other team.  The natural reaction would have been to whine, complain and get discouraged, but this team never lost their focus.  They showed impressive grit as they focused on the good-cheering each other on, never arguing or getting upset at the ref or each other.  They maintained an intense attack, playing smart and never once letting down their intensity or their positivity.

This incredible team scored with about 8 minutes left.  Then in the last 45 seconds they scored again!!  It was pure desire and powerful resolve.  The game went into overtime where they continued to rally and at the last moments, pulled off the win!!  It was one of the most intense soccer games I’ve ever watched.  

As we left the field Monday night, Berklee and I were able to draw some powerful life lessons from that game, which I truly am grateful for.

  • Control the controllables and let go of the things outside of your control.
  • Focus on the good and when you make a mistake flush it.
  • Never give up!!  Believe in your dream, especially when the cards seemed stacked against you.
  • It’s not over until the final whistle blows.  Stay positive and never quit the attack.
  • Celebrate every little mini-victory along the way, cheering on and building up your friends.

These lessons are so critical to living an elevated life!!  We will come up against unfair circumstances and trials that threaten to destroy us.  Remember these life lessons learned on the soccer field, they will serve you so well!!

What have you learned from sports lately?