Lives Changed

Despite the innate resistance I have to putting myself out there in the world and the discomfort that naturally comes from sharing so much of my most personal journey…

the fact is, If I can be the means by which mindsets are shifted, dreams are reached, and lives are forever changed- even for one person- then it is all worth it!!

This is one of 2 necklaces (Isn’t it AWESOME!!!) I was given this weekend, by 2 sisters who went through my Body Love Program. They experienced this exact thing— mindsets shifted, dreams reached and lives forever changed. How did they ever find my Mind, Body, Spirit logo in a necklace??? I will cherish both the necklaces and what they represent forever.

These are their words:

✨”I will be forever grateful that you were so brave to begin your work to bring out the BEST in women who are lost in a way. We all need to be reminded of our potential and worth.”

✨”I can tell that I am a changed woman! I have more positive energy surging through my mind and body. It feels like coming up for air!”

✨”I can’t believe how awesome I feel every day. I am so much happier than I was at the start of your program.”

✨”I love that my attitude about myself has changed the most. I have been saying YES to the things that LIGHT ME UP!”

✨”I love this program and I’m so grateful I learned how to keep my headspace free from the weeds that were holding me back from achieving my goals and living my best life!”

✨”I wish all youth, and adults could complete this program, just to understand how to truly take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually!”

✨”It feels so good to be crushing my goals and know that I have the tools and knowledge to stay on track.”

✨”This program was EPIC and I’ll be forever grateful”

I, myself, am a changed woman because of Life Coaching.

I am now driven to do whatever it takes, even if that means shouting from the rooftops (or posting on social media 😉 ) in order to connect with those that are ready to 10x their lives.

There is no better feeling than being a instrument for bringing light and truth into the lives of others and watching them step in to thier divinity and step up to their true missions.

Are you ready to get healthy in your mind, body and spirit?

My BodyLove Program is filling up for November- it truly will transform you if you are ready.

My Conquering confidence course is full, but there is a waiting list.

I have one on one coaching spots open.

I’d love to come speak to your organization.

DM me for a free consult.

“There’s no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.” I’m ALL IN for growth!! LET’S DO THIS!!