Good Morning my friends!!

It is Thankful Thursday, and this week I am so thankful to be learning so much about what it means to be living in abundance.  I’m excited to share some insights with you that I hope will assist you in living a more abundant life.

Consider seriously this question, do you have a scarcity mindset, or an abundant mindset? Examine each of these areas and rate your level of abundance on a scale of 1 (total scarcity) to 10 (complete abundance) for: money; Relationships; Time; Energy; Resources; Success…  

When it comes to wealth, promotions, awards, prizes, all those temporal things we value in life, the default lower brain wiring will land us in scarcity every time.  It is natural to feel like there are only so many pieces to the pie, and I’ve got to get mine!  The toilet paper shortage during Covid showed us just how prevalent the scarcity mindset is among our human race. It takes a determined and intentional effort to override out natural instincts for survival of the fittest and consistently live from a place of abundance.

My dear friend, Julie Hawkes, is an incredible energy worker and coach.  I was present at a fantastic wealth webinar where she showed through scriptures how God loves to bless us with abundance.  Do you believe that God wants to bless us with not just a meager existence, not just means enough to get by, but with an abundance of prosperity? He does!! 

When Christ performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes, he fed 4000… and then after all had eaten their fill, there were 7 baskets left over.  He blessed them with an abundance of food- there was more than enough.  I never realized the abundance clearly present in this miracle before.  In the miracle where Christ turned the water to wine, there was also wine left over, providing more than enough for all the wedding guests.  I love these examples of blessings overflowing into abundance.  

In Helaman 12: 1-2 it says

“…We can see that the Lord in his great infinite goodness doth bless and prosper those who put their trust in him.  Yea and we may see at the very time when he doth prosper his people, yea in the increase of theirfields, theirflocks, and their herds and in gold, and in silver, and in all manner of precious things of every kind and art;….doing all things for the welfare and happiness of his people…”. 

Until Julie pointed out this scripture, I never noticed that prosperity to God includes blessing us even with art.  Not just food, clothing, shelter, and water, and all the necessities to survive, but even with art!!  There are abundance promises and examples of the abundant nature of God throughout the scriptures and I am on a new quest to find them!!  I’d love for you to join me and share with me what you find. Email me anytime. 🙂

During this wealth webinar, Julie pointed out some false beliefs about God which I’ve been believing to some extent.  These lies have been blocking my ability to receive abundance: blessings must be earned; and God wants me to suffer and struggle so I can grow.  Upon honest examination, I realize I’ve bought into these lies on some level for way too long.  

Do you believe blessings must be earned?  Do you think that God wants you to suffer and struggle so you can grow? The truth is we never earn blessings.  We can qualify for them through obedience, but blessings aren’t earned.  God doesn’t operate like a “cosmic vending machine”.  Only through grace do blessings come and often when we deserve them the least.  Furthermore, yes God wants us to grow, absolutely.  However, struggle and suffering are not necessary for growth. Usually the suffering and struggle are a result of our own actions and/or our resistance to our circumstances.  God is in charge of the perfect curriculum that will allow us to grow in the very best ways.  Most often that is in a “life is 50/50” type scenario.  The choice to drop all resistance and grow is ours. In mortality we will inevitably experience pain, but we don’t have to suffer.  (Pain + resistance = suffering). God has nothing to do with our level of resistance to the circumstances in our life, that is 100% up to us.  The amount of time we spend stuck, suffering and struggling, is dependent on the thoughts, feelings and actions we choose.  

God desires our abundant prosperity.  As this prosperity leads to humility in an attitude of “Oh God, I don’t deserve this level of prosperity.  Thank you!!  Thank you for your grace!” we will continue to receive blessings of prosperity.  As we know through the scriptures, if our prosperity leads to pride, boasting and forgetting to give God the glory for our blessings, the pride cycle will ensue with eventual destruction and sorrow in order to chasten and humble us. 

The take home message is that God wants to give us good gifts, an abundance of blessings even including art and precious things.  He delights in prospering us and as we respond to the blessings of prosperity with humility and praise to God vs. pride, we will continue to enjoy the divine abundance of God.

May we all live more abundantly!!


With love,

Candice Noss

Physical Therapist, Life Coach

The Mind, Body, Spirit


If you are interested in Julie Hawkes course on prosperity and abundance, it starts Oct. 3.  Here is the link to her Abundance Blueprint class.  If you would like to join my October Body Love group, get more details here.