Living with 100% Commitment and Zero Expectation Designed for Greatness 4

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Do you ever want to control the outcome of certain events? Have you ever been suffering and wished you could force a miracle to happen?Have you ever felt complete confidence in how you think a situation should play out and then felt disappointed when your expectation wasn’t realized?Do you expect superhuman results in every role you play and end up feeling like a failure when you can’t “do it all”?

In this episode I share what I have learned about the issues inherent with expectations, and the power of genuine surrender. My hope is that this podcast will touch your heart and inspire you to uplevel the way you see and think about God, yourself and your life.  Ultimately, I hope to inspire you to live with 100% commitment and 0 expectation. 

There truly is opposition in all things.  Where God uses Faith, Satan’s counterfeit is expectation.  As we become aware of the difference, it’s like GI Joe says, “Knowing is half the battle”.  

Analyze your life- What expectations do you have? Are they serving you? How can you lean into being 100% committed instead? Examine your definition of success and Faith to help you let go of the expectation. Have hope, have vision, have faith, have goals, have charity, and strive to eliminate expectation.

Watch out for when expectations land you in force energy.  When you feel urgency to control something, it is time to re-evaluate.  When you notice the tendency to demand something from God or yourself, you can know with 100% certainty, it is not healthy or in alignment.  God is all about free agency.  God will never force or control us.  He will give us a 50/50 life experience, where there is opposition in all things, but what we decide to think, how we decide to feel, and the actions we choose to take are always up to our agency- God will never make us think, feel or do anything against our will.  That was Satan’s plan.  Satan loves expectations. Satan’s counterfeit to pure faith is expectation.  Satan is all about controlling, manipulating, forcing and demanding.  God desires a willing, trusting heart… and although God won’t always deliver us from the trials, he will help us endure them AND he will use them to refine us into better upon better versions of ourself. 

When we don’t get what we expected, and in this life it is inevitable- we will experience all sorts of blows to what we think should happen- if we aren’t willing to relinquish our expectations and surrender, then these blows will shake and destabilize our faith.  The tighter the grip on our expectations about our life, the more catastrophic the hit to our relationship with God, and ourself.  

I hope you will join me in striving to live with 100% commitment and 0 expectation.  Through it all, always remember— YOU ARE DESIGNED FOR GREATNESS!!