Love Wins

Good Morning Friends,

I’m thankful, on this summery Thursday morning, for the reminder to examine and purify motives.  

As I’ve written in a previous Thankful Thursday message, “Repetition should rivet our attention”. (Henry Eyring)  The thing that has repeatedly been coming up for me over the past 2 weeks is the vital necessity of making sure I am living with powerful, unconditional love as the motivator for all I do. 

One of my favorite universal truths is love wins.  This is the kind of love that is not transactional or conditional, but it is the kind of love that Christ exemplified. It does not come naturally to normal, mortal humans under the influence of the natural man.  This kind of love must be learned and intentionally practiced.  This transformational type of love always wins— every. single. time.  We know through scripture that charity, the pure love of Christ, never fails. This genuine, undefiled love sees others, truly sees them and their greatness, despite current circumstances.  This love is selfless, without wanting anything from the object of their affection.  This love is focused exclusively on someone else’s well-being, their healing, their glory without expectation or sense of being owed anything. This expansive, inviting, selfless love has perpetuity.  This is the kind of love that NEVER fails, but ALWAYS wins. This is the kind of love I desire to motivate my every action and strive to attain in all my relationships. I believe one must truly know their own worth and love themselves without exception, in order to wholeheartedly love others in this way.

While I’ve been creating the introductory videos for my summer series “Powerfully Accessing Our Spirits: Exploring our Spiritual Senses to expand our intuition and revelation”, I’ve been reminded many times over that this selfless love is the reason spiritual gifts are given.  It’s not about ourself, it’s about how we can help others.  Spiritual gifts are given for the profit and learning of others, so that we might more effectively bless their lives.  When our reasons for doing things are love-based, where we desire to be more useful and helpful in order to benefit others, selfless love becomes the pure motive behind our efforts.  We then strive to lift others up, regardless of what happens to us. The paradoxical thing is, when we “lose ourselves in the service of others”, living from selfless love, we end up truly finding ourselves and living in to who we REALLY are.  Pure joy, delight and fulfillment are the result of a life motivated by love, centered on serving others.  

It is a life-long journey to learn how to love God, love ourselves and love others in this way, but the truth is, LOVE WINS.  Everyone wins, every time, when this kind of love is the driving force behind all we think, say, feel and do.  

Why do you do the things you do? What is the desire of your heart? I challenge you to examine and purify your motives.  Love wins!


Candice Noss


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