Love Wins


A dear friend gave these beautiful flowers to me today— because it was a dreary day… because it’s easy feeling overwhelmed and alone… because she is a rockstar… and because ❤️ LOVE ❤️ NEVER ❤️FAILS❤️!!!

I’m so excited to pay it forward!!


Who can you spread love to? 💞Let’s spread love all over in our own little circles and start to heal this suffering world. 💝LOVE WINS💝!!

Sometimes the hardest person to love is our very own self. What can you to show yourself some love? 💗DO IT💗!! (If this seems impossible, reach out- I can help you).

I’m so grateful for such an incredible friend who helped me realize again how magically powerful love is.

Love NEVER fails. Love ALWAYS wins.

Let’s spread some LOVE❣️