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I love learning!! I totally own that I am a nerd and I am completely ok with that.  I think it is so fun to “geek out”- especially about things that have to do with the mind, the body or the spirit!!  I’m sure that isn’t a surprise 😉 .   

As I was listening to some of my favorite podcasts and talks over this past week, I kept hearing about the 2 great commandments being to love God and to love our neighbor.  I get so irked when the other piece of the 2 great commandments is left out —> to love ourself.  I am so thankful this week for the powerful understanding and testimony I have of the 2 great commandments, which includes loving God, loving ourself and loving others. 

The reason I get so bent out of shape when “loving ourself” is left out of the 2 great commandments is because I struggled my entire life, up until a few years ago, with “loving myself”.  I know that sounds cliche, and maybe a bit weird to people who haven’t experienced what it is like, but this lack of love for myself and the person I am led to many devastating life experiences.  After going through some painfully purifying trials, I finally learned what it actually means and looks like to genuinely love myself.  I witnessed, through reflection on my life, how absolutely vital self-love is to a meaningful life.  Now, I truly understand with acceptance and love, who I really am and my missions on this earth. Loving ourself is a huge piece to that puzzle and a core part of the 2 great commandments.

So often the commandment to love ourself is overlooked and we simply say “love your neighbor”. The second great commandment actually says  “… Love thy neighbor as thyself”.  There are so many incredible women (and men too) that do NOT love themselves.  I wish someone would have taught me how to love myself and that it is actually a commandment. Truly loving ourself is absolutely necessary for us to feel God’s love more strongly and to love others more genuinely.  

I believe the “loving ourself” piece is often left out, in an effort to avoid falling into pride.  However, loving oneself according to this commandment is NOT a pride thing.  It is actually a contrary we need to prove. If “pride” were a teeter totter, one side would be “I’m better than everyone else” and the other side would be “I’m worse than everyone else”.  The sweet spot, in the middle, which Jared Halverson refers to as “the goldilocks zone”, is knowing that “I am awesome and so are you!!”,  “I’m not better than others and I am not worse than others either.”  

I have learned first hand, If we don’t believe we have anything to offer this world, we can’t own our greatness, step in to our divinity or fulfill the missions we were sent to do.  Confidence, not pride, is the result of loving God, loving ourself and loving others. If we are to access our unique spiritual gifts in order to better serve each other, we must  believe in and love not only God and others, but also ourself too.  It is critical for us as children of God to own our divinity and to love who God created, as we are.  Loving who we are while working toward who we want to become is the recipe for beautiful growth, better serving of others and ultimately magnifying this life.  This genuine loving of self from a place of grace (knowing it’s totally ok that I am a work in progress) engenders more love for God and more love for others.  The 2 great commandments are such a beautifully orchestrated symphony of love. But, this symphony does not synchronize if any of the pieces are left out.

I am so grateful to know how important and vital it is to love God with all our might, mind and strength; to love ourself; and to love others.  It’s the formula to joy and growth.

What are you thankful for today?


Gratefully yours,

Candice Noss

PS If loving yourself is a struggle, set up a coaching call with me.  I would be delighted to help you navigate genuinely loving and accepting yourself. 

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