Making Moments Matter

Thursday, June 6th, 2024

Good Morning Friends!

I am thankful today for a deeper understanding of how to intentionally amplify the moments that make up our days.

When my family moved from Sandy, a dear friend gave us a wall hanging that says, “Everyday moments make the best memories”.  I love this sign and have thought about it often, wondering what it actually takes to turn an everyday moment into a memory.

I’m grateful to understand that there are 3 layers to each moment:

  1. Experience
  2. Awareness of our experience
  3. The story we tell ourselves about our experience.

Experiences are happening all the time.  Our experience is the most superficial layer of every moment.  It is easy to “sleepwalk through life”, merely experiencing whatever is happening without actually being aware.  We are all guilty of “going through the motions” but not actually being fully invested. None of these moments will make memories.

Actually being present and aware during our experience takes the moment to a deeper level. It is impossible for full awareness of our experiences if we are stuck in our heads, thinking about the past, the future, our insecurities, what others are thinking, passing judgment etc. Bringing our awareness back to the moment at hand is a powerful skill that takes practice and intention.

The deepest layer to each moment is what we make the experience mean.  This is where it can get tricky.  The story we tell ourselves about our experience sheds light on our beliefs, generational patterns, biasses, past expereinces, triggers and often requires some head hygiene.  Having the awareness to examine these stories and ask, “Is this serving me?” is monumental to creating the life we desire.  

In order to create golden memories and meaningful lessons from our experiences it is critical we are purposeful about being present, and intentional about the stories we tell about the moments of our lives.

I love the quote from Brian Arzani, “We don’t learn from our experiences, we learn from our reflections on our experiences.”  This reflection is what cements the beautiful moments into our memory and it is also what allows us to re-write our stories and learn from the trickier moments.

What do you do to reflect? How do you make the everyday moments matter?

Rooting for you always,


I am THRILLED to announce an adventure retreat I am creating that is a cruise!! 

It will be with Royal Caribbean, on the ship Navigator of the Seas.  We will be sailing from LA on Jan. 26, 2026 for a 7 night Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas & Puerto Vallarta Cruise!!!  Plan now to join us!!! I have 16 balcony cabins reserved and they are first come first serve.  

We will be planning some incredible adventure excursions in the ports. 

For the 3 days we are at sea, we have a meeting space reserved for the mornings, and the rest of the time is to be filled as you desire. 🙂 I’m so excited to share content, do connection activities, healing activities, experiential belief breakthroughs in the mornings we are at sea… all while sailing in international waters!!   It is going to be EPIC!!!

We will all dine together for dinners- this is my favorite part.  This is going to be so fun!!  I also have access to space in the evenings if anyone wants to use the space for game nights. There will be so many incredible entertainment options available from the crusie ship as well.

All the activities will be optional and spouses are welcome.

Respond to this email with questions.  It is going to be EPIC!!!