Mind Full vs Mindful

Dear Friends,

I am thankful for a simple question I came across today, “Is your mind full or are you mindful?” 

The hustle and bustle of regular life can be a lot to handle.  Add the extra things that go along with the Holiday Season and it is very easy to fall into the trap of living in survival mode through one of the most wonderful times of the year.  We can scurry around with a MIND FULL of to do lists to accomplish, people to connect with, tasks to get done, and places to be.  We blink and all of the sudden, it’s the New Year.  

The secret of a meaningful, magical Christmas season is to be MINDFUL. Prioritize what is important and what isn’t.  Make a plan for the necessities and then intentionally find joy in the Holidays by being fully in your body and present for the things you love. Take a moment each night to reflect on the memorable moments, finding gratitude for the tender mercies that abound when we are mindful and fully present.

Give yourself permission to delete the things that are superfluous and no longer serve you or your family.  If you find yourself thinking, “I have to _____”, call bull-crap on yourself.  You don’t have to do anything.  Do you want to? If not, then stop doing it. If it truly is important to you, change your internal dialog to “I get to ________” or “I choose to _______”. 

If a full mind is something that persists, I challenge you to do a brain dump.  Get everything rolling around in your brain, out of your head and into the light of the day.  Word vomit it all onto paper without judgment and without trying to make it sound good.  Just honestly write what’s going on in your head, realizing you aren’t the source of all of your thoughts.  After you brain dump, analyze everything your incredible mind is bringing to you.  Become the boss of your brain as you decide how to proceed.  Is some head hygiene required? Is a plan in order? Is it time to eliminate the fluff?  Land in a place of compassion and curiosity for what you learn from your brain dump. Choose to be mindful about the thoughts, feelings and actions you desire to operate from going forward.  Sometimes it takes multiple brain dumps to effectively empty the full mind so that it is possible to genuinely be mindful.

I am grateful for the powerful self-assessment incumbent in the question, “Is my mind full or am I mindful?”

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss


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