Good Morning Friends!!

Today I am thankful for mirrors. 🙂

I’ve been preparing for 2 presentations that are coming up.  I am the last speaker at both of these 3 day conferences and I am thrilled.  I LOVE speaking and sharing powerful experiences, principles, tools and truths that have transformed my life and the lives of my clients.  I dream of being able to reach more and more people with the important message I feel called to share.

In my preparations I was researching some statistics and what I found was shocking:

  • The average woman looks in the mirror 34x a day
  • Women check their reflection every 30 mins on average
  • One study reports that 9/10 women feel bad when they look in the mirror 
  • Another study documented that 8/10 women are disappointed with their reflection 
  • More than 50% of women see a distorted image of themself when they look in the mirror.  

Yikes!!  No wonder our society is experiencing depression and anxiety at such epic proportions.

I also found another statistic.  Only 3% of people consistently analyze their thoughts and intentionally engage in rewiring their thought processes.  I challenge you to be part of that elite 3% of people that are vigilant about living with a mind firmly aligned.

On this Thankful Thursday, I am grateful for mirrors because, if one is 100% committed to mirror talk, then mirrors have the ability to trigger us to think kind, loving, supportive thoughts about ourself about every 30 minutes, or at least 34x’s a day!!  This powerful tool has the potential to completely shift our thought processes and beliefs about ourselves due to the mere frequency that we see our reflection.

I dare you to up-level the quality of your inner dialogue.  I challenge you to draw a line in the sand and promise yourself to never EVER talk crap on yourself again. Let mirrors be the power tool to get you there.


Candice Noss


If you’d like more help with your self-talk, grab this free video I made, “Self-Talk: Go From Crappy to Happy with 1 Simple Brain Hack”.  

Together we rise!!  NO MORE STINKING THINKING!!