Month 3 and Should I Leave My Job Coaching Call with Danielle

In this episode Jethro talks with Danielle about whether she should stay in her job or leave it. I mean, that’s the question that is asked, but it isn’t really about whether she can afford it or not (she can). The question is really about how she wants to design her life.

And you can design your life as well. Like this kind of episode? Let me know you love it. 

  • Can’t get over the fear of a lack of certainty
  • What do you want your life to look like?
  • It’s hard to take that leap of faith.
  • What is that safety?
  • You can always get another job, especially a job you’re very well qualified for!
  • It’s closing a chapter.
  • feeling guilty about not coming back after maternity leave.
  • Are there other districts out there where this is a priority? Yes, of course
  • It’s good to leave at a time when you still love your job.