Mortality Motivation

It’s “Thankful Thursday”- what are you feeling grateful for today?

This week, I’ve been struck with a sense of “Mortality Motivation” and feel incredibly thankful for it.

Early Sunday Morning (on Mother’s Day) my close friend’s mother passed away, very unexpectedly.  I can only imagine the grief and loss this amazing family is going through. 

Our mortality is tenuous and truly a gift.  It can be taken in a moment.  Pondering on how quickly this incredible mother was taken inspires some questions: If I was called home today, am I ready?; Are my relationships in order?; Have I done my best to magnify the opportunities I’ve been blessed with?; Is there unfinished business I need to attend to? What kind of a legacy am I leaving for my posterity?… 

I’m so grateful for the reminder that our human life and the relationships we have don’t come with any guarantees. A strong sense of “Mortality Motivation” is powerful and can inspire great feats such as: forgiveness and healing of relationships; determination to “get our of our cave” and make a difference; renewed dedication to repentance and overcoming the natural man; enticement to grow and magnify this human experience; commitment to living with purpose;  dedication to becoming more and more Christlike; attentiveness to how we affect others… 

Have you considered your own mortality lately?

 How can “Mortality Motivation” inspire you today?

I love you.  If I was taken today, the thing I’d want to leave with all those I love is this:

Live your life 100% focused on Jesus Christ. Learn how and then strive to always operate from LOVE— love for God, love for yourself and love for everyone you encounter.  In order to do this you will have to live with a mind firmly controlled, a body purposefully loved and a spirit powerfully accessed.  In this way you will continually  become closer to your most divine self and ultimately more and more like our Savior Jesus Christ.  You are phenomenal, with gifts, talents, capacities and strengths which make you unique and which perfectly qualify you to accomplish your missions to this world. Follow your dreams.  Work hard. Play hard. Remember- Charity NEVER fails and Love always wins. Life will be 50/50 but, as you are willing to let God prevail, and as you stay 100% focused on Jesus Christ, you will truly magnify this human experience.

Gratefully yours,

Candice Noss