Mothers & Daughters

Hello you beautiful ladies!!

It’s Thursday!!  What are you thankful for?

I had the incredible opportunity to be a presenter at a Mother/Daughter retreat in Bear Lake this weekend and it was a phenomenal experience.  I’m tremendously grateful for the hours of preparation this inspired me to do on parenting and especially on creating transformational relationships with my kids.  I am a better mother and person because of it!

Being a part of this Mother/Daughter retreat has left me in a beautiful place of appreciation and gratitude for my relationship with my daughters. We had a chance at this retreat to have some powerful conversations, mother to daughter/daughter to mother about: what we love about each other; what we need from each other; what we wish for each other; what the other does that makes us happy; how the other has helped us through a dark time;  what our life would be like if the other was no longer alive; something the other doesn’t know about…. I’m so thankful for these thought provoking questions and the conversations that ensued.

Have you had any powerful one-on-one conversations with your mom or daughter lately? Take this opportunity to tell them what they mean to you.  Ask them some of these questions. If they are no longer here, write them a letter to express your love and keep it in your journal.  Relationships are precious and they need nurturing care.

I’m so thankful for the precious relationship between a mother and a daughter.  I’m grateful for the new intention I’ve set of making my relationships transformational.   Just like everything in life, each relationship will be 50/50.  On this Thursday, I’m profoundly thankful for each of my daughters,… when they fill my life with sunshine and when they break my heart.  I love them anyway, and I love you for being one of my people!!


Sending Light and Love,

Candice Noss