My Life- Gratitude

Went on my run- saw this incredible sunset and was absolutely overcome with GRATITUDE!!!
Had to stop, and bask in the awesomeness of it all:
– 6 healthy and happy kids who are back in school where they absolutely thrive!!!! (I’m definitely NOT a homeschool mama 😉)
-a husband that I adore 🥰
-a thriving business where I just presented to a huge company, spoke to 2 youth groups, and finished creating another course that is transforming lives. 
-helping people every day become the boss of their brains, love their bodies on purpose and tap into their beautiful spirits.  
-totally back into my full life which is overflowing with love and opportunities for my kids. 
-relationships that inspire me, opportunities that challenge me and experiences that are molding me…..
God is in charge and this journey of life is phenomenal. I’m so GRATEFUL, and I am ALL IN!!!

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