Thursday, July 11, 2024

Dear Friends,

What are you thankful for on this beautiful sunny Thursday?

I just got back from an INCREDIBLE humanitarian trip to Nepal.  I’ve been planning for and working toward this trip with my team since October and truly my heart is exploding with gratitude for my experiences there. Wow- I am so thankful!!

As I ponder my biggest takeaways from Nepal, so many thoughts flood my mind.   However, the beautiful lesson I’ve landed on, again and again as I reflect on my time in Nepal, is how evident and powerful I felt the Love of God for each and every soul I interacted with while on this humanitarian trip.  Whether it was the Nepali people or my team members, the LOVE I felt for each individual was so powerful- it is bringing me to tears as I write this. Regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, financial status, circumstance, education level, profession, “righteousness”, body size, abilities, level of participation… in so many profound and distinct ways and  on deeper and deeper levels, I was able to experience the infinite and unconditional love God has for each and every human being, without exception.

In Nepal, “Namaste” is the greeting said upon meeting someone, and the salutation left when leaving.  Namaste means, “the light in me honors the light in you.”  Living among the Nepali people and hearing “Namaste” while putting my hands together in the symbol of prayer, over and over all day long, was such a beautiful reminder, again and again throughout every single day to look for the light in others and honor the divinity within each person.  I took “Namaste” as a challenge to see as God sees or to experience the other person as God would.  I am so grateful that with God’s help, I was able to see the greatness in every single soul I had the opportunity to interact with.  I truly am grateful for the enhanced ability to feel, give and receive love. The result was not only a strengthening of my understanding of each soul’s infinite worth, our universal connectedness and the glorious divinity within each individual, but also a more committed resolve to drop all judgments, resentments and ill-thinking of others.  The truth I came to know through this experience is that our ability to be an influence for good is absolutely huge, and it is amplified as we are able to drop all judgement, prejudice and/or preconceived biases about others.

On this trip I was able to engage first hand with those who practice Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism, Christianity… I entered Hindu temples, participated in rituals, received sacred blessings, experienced shrines, participated in a Buddhist funeral and visited a huge stupa.  It was enlightening and beautiful to experience such religious devotion and feel the love of God unrestrained despite religious affiliation.

During this trip, I became close to many individuals with various sexual orientations including lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual and transgender.  I came to love and care about each person, feeling God’s powerful love for each individual, in undeniable ways, regardless of how they identified. It was a powerful and beautiful experience to witness the light shining through their countenances and to recognize God’s love for these precious children of theirs.  

Cultural differences were very apparent, along with the language, ethnicity, and even the way they indicate yes and no. (In Nepal, they nod for “no” and turn their head back and forth for “yes”.) The differences were beautiful, truly a source of curiosity and another opportunity to witness how precious these souls are in the sight of God.

Mistakes were also made on this trip.  Some members of my team broke the code of conduct, resulting in an early dismissal from the team and being sent home immediately.  As I prayed for guidance in this difficult situation, I was overcome with the powerful love of God for these individuals despite their deciet and blatant disrespect for the rules.  What a powerful experience to witness God’s unconditional love for them and to truly be able to see their greatness regardless of their shortcomings.

I always say, “You are designed for greatness” and “Own your greatness”.  It is something I’ve been taught in powerful ways over and over, personally and in regards to others. This is why I named my podcast, “Designed for Greatness with Candice Noss”. I’m so grateful for some more applications and an even deeper understanding of God’s love and the light that resides in each and every soul on earth.    


Rooting for you always,