Negative Satan Talk

Good Morning Friends!!
How is summer going? What are you thankful for on this sunny Thursday?
I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at a Young Women’s camp last week.  I absolutely love interacting with teenagers!!  They are at such an exciting time in life- learning, growing, experimenting, developing… I consider it such an honor to share an evening connecting with phenomenal ladies.  
Before any speaking engagement I always pray for inspiration.  I hope to be led to touch on the things which would most bless those I’m addressing. I ask to know what they need and then strive to follow the thoughts and promptings that come. I am grateful this week for the powerful witness I received, while I was speaking, about the thing these girls needed to understand the most- elimination of “negative self-talk”.  
The previous week I was listening to a podcast where the guest declared that the term, “Negative Self-Talk” isn’t actually 100%  true.  He said this term is only 2/3 correct in that it is “Negative”, and it is “Talk”, but the critical part that is false is the “Self” piece.  The truth is, we are not the source of the awful, mean, and destructive thoughts in our minds. The way to describe these horrible thoughts, that is completely true is, “Negative Satan-Talk”.  Satan has an open door to our minds.  He loves thoughts of deception, distraction and discouragement as they breed the emotions of shame, fear, doubt, insecurity… He knows we can not show up powerfully in our lives from these emotions.
It is empowering to understand that we are not the source of the craptastic things we often think about ourselves.  Satan and his minions push these thoughts into our head through the filter of our lower brain.  Therefore, they sound like our own voice, and are said in the words we would use, but we are NOT the source of these thoughts. One obvious way to recognize that these thoughts do not come from us is to notice they are initially in the second person.  “You are failing”; “You are a mess”; “You aren’t good enough”…. We don’t talk to ourselves in the second person, however if we accept these thoughts and continue to think them, we begin to own them as our own and adopt the first person narrative.  They become “I am failing”; “I am a mess”; “I am not good enough”…. It is such a tragedy when we take on the false identity Satan is trying to sell us on.  Living this way, where we buy into negative satan-talk completely shuts us down, blocking us from owning our greatness and blessing others with what we have to offer this world.
I am thankful for the knowing that came through the spirit yesterday as I was speaking, that the youth especially need to be aware of their thoughts and understand about negative satan-talk. Please share this knowledge with those in your circle of influence and fight against the hold the adversary has over our youth because of the way they talk to themselves.  I am so grateful for the power that comes from living with a mind firmly aligned, a body purposefully loved and a spirit powerfully accessed.  

Sending light and love,
Candice Noss

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