Obstacles and Progression

I am thankful today for a repeating truth that keeps coming up for me:

Just because the way is terribly difficult, and obstacles continue to arise, this does not mean our path isn’t right or in complete alignment!!

It is easy to believe that when things are right, they flow, because sometimes, that truly is the case.  It is common to think that when we are operating on our highest timeline, living into our purpose and striving to spread light and goodness, things should play out smoothly, because often they do… BUT not always!!  When we expect breaks to come, miracles to happen, doors to open and big success, and then the path we trod is full of setbacks, challenges and glitches outside of our control, we can’t make that mean we are wrong about the path we are on. One of my very favorite questions is, “Can I stay 100% committed with 0 expectation?”

Life is meant to challenge us.  Our spirit’s are on an everlasting quest for growth.   The truth is, sustainable growth never happens when the way is easy or when we stay safe in our comfort zone.  Life is crafted with the perfect curriculum of 50/50 experiences and circumstances to grow us into better upon better versions of ourself.  Just because we are on the right path doesn’t mean trials, obstacles, challenges, set backs and failures won’t happen.

I love the scripture in Hebrews 10: 35, 39 “Cast not away therefore your confidence….we are not of them who draw back…”. There is power in remembering our compelling reasons and the pivotal experiences that led us to the path we are on.  Obstacles are “Par for the course”. opposition goes hand in hand with progression.  Failure and success are next door neighbors.  Everything is figure-out-able.

The trick is to ask and then lean into “What is awesome about this?”  Finding gratitude in the hard attracts miracles and perseverance.

How do you stay dedicated, committed and optimistic in the face of repeated obstacles?