One word intention for 2024

On this thankful Thursday, as 2023 comes to a close and 2024 begins, I am grateful for the opportunity to reflect on the past year as well as plan with anticipation the new year.  What do you want to keep from last year? What will you release? What were your trials and what lessons did they teach?  What were your triumphs?  What insights did you glean?  What were some highlights and challenges? What are you most thankful for about 2023?  I hope you will give yourself the gift of meditating on these questions.  I invite you to journal about them.  Use your experiences from 2023 to spring board you forward into 2024.  I challenge you to take the time to mindfully set an intention for the new year.

As I reflect on the past 12 months and envision the upcoming 12 months, my mind continues to be drawn to something I did a few years ago at this time.  I was challenged to set a 1 word intention for the year.  It is crazy how focusing daily on this one word intention created so much of it in my life, on so many different levels. After doing this for multiple years, this practice is truly one that I cherish. In 2021, my word was “connection”.  In 2022, my word was “alignment”.  I am so thankful for my word of 2023- “BELIEVE”.

I invite you to set a one word intention this year and then watch how powerfully it shows up in your life.  In order to give you some “buy in” for this practice,I will share a little bit about how it worked for me this past year.

My 2023 was chuck full of “belief”!!  I intentionally leaned into belief as often as I could— Belief in myself, my children, my husband, belief in my business, belief in my clients, belief in my mission and purpose.  Belief in God, and in the curriculum set forth for my life.  This belief created all sorts of incredible experiences for me this past year. Belief resulted in new connections with clients, mentors and many new incredible friends who I truly cherish.  Belief brought me further knowledge, light and truth that continue to inspire and thrill me. Belief resulted in bigger speaking opportunities and a better ability to share my message. This belief created miracles in Kenya and blessings to the entire community around the Muriundu school there, as well as beautiful bonds with my Youthlinc team.  

My belief was also challenged this past year in different ways.  I have really had to hold firm to belief during some trying times and develop the ability to maintain belief despite circumstances looking bleak. As I reflect back I wonder if choosing the word “Believe” is like praying for patience- LOL.  Ultimately, these challenges are leading me to deeper faith, trust, and connection to my identity and purpose.  Focusing on belief has enhanced my connection to Christ, angels and my spiritual gifts.  Focusing on belief also allowed me to release many false beliefs which did not serve me.  Recognizing false beliefs and breaking through these beliefs that have held me back is allowing for more growth and abundance in my life.   Belief is truly a gift and I am so grateful I was able to really live into my word for 2023, “Believe”, after I set this intention last January.

So… are you up for setting a one word intention with me this year? What will your word for 2024 be?  What do you desire to improve? How do you want to feel?  What do you want to do?  Who do you want to become in 2024?  

Take my challenge!!  set your one word intention for the new year, and then every single day of 2024 tap into this word.  Write the word down somewhere every day and do it with a prayer in your heart to draw that into your life.  What color can you assign to your one word intention?  Is there a symbol you can draw or display that represents your intention?  What animal embodies this intention? Can you find a theme song for your year that gives off the vibe of your intention? The more emotion you can put into the one word intention, the more opportunities you give yourself to intentionally think about it, and the more powerful it will be throughout your year.

To help you come to your one word intention, I will share what mine will be for 2024.  After contemplating my weaknesses and how to turn those into strengths as well as what I desire for the new year, the word that feels right and inspiring for me is “FUN”.  I’ve learned in powerful ways, on a few different occasions, that the lynch pin for my success- as a Mom, as a Wellness Coach, as a Business Owner, as a Basketball Coach, as a Wife, in whatever role I am filling at any moment— the key to my success is to make whatever I am doing FUN!!!  Fun is the secret weapon that keeps me out of perfectionism and seriousness.  FUN allows me to grow at an exponential rate and generates an abundance of joy, when I remember to use it. Fun creates enthusiasm, which truly makes everything more contagious and magnetic.   I am so grateful for and excited about all the fun that is coming for me in 2024!! Yellow is the color I’ve given to “Fun” and the song is “Good to be alive” by Andy Grammer.  I am still looking for a symbol, animal and motto that will help me remember to intentionally lean into fun every single day of 2024.  I’d love any ideas you might have.

Here are some of my client’s one word intentions for 2024: “exactness”; “love”; “intention”; “upward”; “harmony”; “unapologetic” and “adventure”.  I give you these examples to help you decide on your one word for 2024.  Please share what you decide on with me!!  Respond to this email!!  I’m excited to know what you will be working on next year.  I hope you realize how important it is to live a life of purpose on purpose.  I hope you take up my challenge to set your one word intention and then watch how it shows up for you in 2024.  You will be so grateful you did!! 


Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss

Speaker, Wellness Coach, Physical Therapist

The Mind, Body, Spirit


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