One Word Intention

Hello Friends,

It is the last Thursday of 2021, a great opportunity to reflect on the past year and plan with anticipation 2022.  What do you want to keep and what will you release? What were your trials and triumphs?  What lessons did you glean?  What were some highlights and challenges? What are you thankful for?  I hope you will give yourself the gift of meditating on these questions and then taking the time to mindfully set an intention for 2022.

As I reflect on the past 12 months and envision the upcoming 12 months, my mind continues to be drawn to something I did last year at this time.  I was challenged to set a 1 word intention for the year.  It is crazy how focusing daily on this one word intention created so much of it in my life, on so many different levels.  I am so thankful for my word of 2021- “CONNECTION”.

2021 was chuck full of “connection”!!  New connections with clients and friends I cherish.  Connections to knowledge, light and truth that continue to inspire and thrill me.  Connections on higher levels with my kids and hubby.  Connections to an entire village of people in Peru and a whole new group of friends in Youthlinc. Deeper connection to my identity and purpose.  Enhanced connection to Christ, angels and my spiritual gifts.  Connection to a new and wonderful group of friends and networking associates with BNI.  A new powerful connection to the scriptures generating increased connection to God.  Releasing connections which did not serve me- learning how to let go of them with love.  A more meaningful connection to myself through increased mindfulness, meditation and writing. So much CONNECTION- I have loved it!!

So… what will your word for 2022 be?  What do you desire to improve, feel, be, or do in 2022?  I challenge you to set a one word intention for the new year, and then every single day of 2022 tap into this one word intention.  Write the word down somewhere every day and do it with a prayer in your heart to draw that into your life.  Is there a color, symbol or animal that represents this intention? The more emotion you can put into the one word intention, the more powerful it will be.

After contemplating what I desire for 2022, the word that feels right and inspiring for me is “ALIGNMENT”.  I desire alignment with Christ.  Alignment with my most divine self.  Alignment with my purpose and missions.  Alignment with my “Home Base Frequency”.  Thinking, feeling and acting in alignment with the highest good in relation to my hubby, kids, clients, basketball team, Youthlinc Fiji group, BNI members, church calling…. Alignment with God, self and others.  Alignment with light, miracles and my hopes and dreams for the future.  An eagle will represent alignment for me.  My symbol for alignment will be a tree with lots of roots and branches.  I am so grateful for and excited about all the alignment that is coming for me in 2022!!

Here are some of my client’s one word intention for 2022: “exactness”; “love”; “intention”; “upward”; “harmony” and “adventure”.  I give you these examples to help you decide on your one word for 2022.  Please share it with me!!   Take up my challenge and watch how it shows up for you in 2022.

Rooting for your always,

Candice Noss


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