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I am grateful today for so many insights that resonated with me from a wonderful book, “Unoffendable” by Ryan Leak.  One of the many nuggets I pulled out of this book has to do with this quote from him, “The return of investment on other people’s opinions is not worth the stock you put into them.”  

How many times do we value what other people think and let their critique determine the measure of success we feel?  Ryan compared other people’s opinions to elevators that take us up and down.  If we aren’t careful, we can spend our lives chasing the approval of others, trying to figure out ways to gain compliments and avoid the things that would make others think negatively about us.  This mindset, focused on others approval, is a dangerous slippery slope that leads to us to believing we are good, only if others say we are.  Ryan says, 

“Striving for the approval of other people will cage you into feeling like you need other people’s permission to be who God has called you to be.  We spend way too much time looking for approval of our gifts and talents from people who did not give us the gifts and talents in the first place.”  

What is your measuring stick of success?  Is it the amount of likes you get? The amount of positive or negative feedback on your performance? Do you give others the power to determine how well you are doing?

Growth and alignment are the things I’ve decided to use as the measure of my success.  The question I continually ask myself is, “What am I doing with the gifts and talents God gave me?”  Am I hiding them “under a bushel” or using them to give my best with what I’ve been given?  Am I staying in alignment with my true self, and with Christ, or being pulled by the world into my strategic self?  I love what Mother Teresa said about success, “I’m not going to be successful.  I am going to be faithful.” She was not concerned with numbers, statistics or the usual measures of success.  She was concerned with alignment, commitment, and faithfulness. It reminds me of the saying I repeat to myself often, “Can I be 100% committed with 0 expectation?”

Christ is the ultimate example.  He wasn’t concerned with anyone’s approval other than His Father in Heaven’s.  Lately, I’ve pondered on the story of Christ when he finally proclaimed who he really was and began his ministry in earnest.  He was teaching in a synagogue out of the book of Isiaiah.  He read the prophecy about himself, speaking of the Messiah, the Savior of the world.  After reading the prophecy He said something to the effect of “on this day, this prophecy is fulfilled in me.”  There was no applause, no rushing forward to worship Him.  In fact he was utterly rejected, and the people even tried to throw him off a precipice.  I don’t think this was what Christ expected.  I don’t think anyone would have deemed this a “successful” proclamation of his identity, but He didn’t make that mean anything.  It was because he wasn’t concerned about “success” according to the world’s standards.  He was concerned about faithfulness to His mission and pleasing God.  

The choice for others to receive what we are teaching or putting out there into the world is not up to us. The decision of others to approve or disapprove of what we have to say is completely, 100%, up to them.  There will always be haters and there will always be fans.  The question is, will we ride that elevator of others’ opinions up and down, or will we step off and instead seek God’s approval?  One question that helps me stay in the sweet spot of alignment with my mission and purpose is to ask the question, “Am I trying to bless or impress?” 

I hope we can all strive to do what we do in order to get God’s approval, to grow, to be faithful and to stay in alignment.  

I’d love your insights on this topic!

Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss


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