Your body is the tool by which you will accomplish your work on this Earth. You have a purpose, a mission to this world- a “masterpiece” to create. Your body is the “paintbrush”. If spinning in your head about your body, food, clothes, exercise, appearance… is preventing you from being fully present and powerful in your life, work with me!!

After a summer break to be more engaged with my kids as well as an incredible 2 week humanitarian trip in Peru, I am now more excited than ever to get back to my passion ➡️ helping women take back their power by living with-a mind firmly controlled, -a body purposefully loved and -a spirit powerfully accessed in order to truly step in to who they really are and step up to their missions to this world. Message me and jump in with my next group (which starts September 1st.)

It will transform you, in more ways than one!!Here’s what one of my clients had to say recently:“As I look back over the course I took with Candice Noss, I am trying to apply the things she taught me to all areas of my life… My goal for the rest of my life is to think before I act. To apply the tools that I have learned and been given through Candice to improve my home and family. I have the tools I need— now I must apply them. Another goal I have for the next couple of months is to relisten to all the videos that Candice has sent.

I know that reviewing all that I have learned during “Body Love” will improve all areas of my life. The main thing that I have learned and also want to remember is that my body is a temple. I was blessed with this body and mind for a reason. Now it is up to me to make the best of this body I have been given. I have an opportunity to share the things that I have learned in “Body Love” with my family and with others. What an amazing gift my body is. I am so grateful for this gift. I am also so grateful for the amazing blessing of showing gratitude.

We are so blessed and recognizing the blessings seems to improve all areas of our lives. I am eternally grateful for the gift of repentance- the ability and desire to change and for the help of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am truly, forever grateful for what I learned from Candice. Candice has been so blessed to be able to share her knowledge and the spirit in such a way that impacts and improves other people’s lives. I sure love you Candice! Thank you for everything you have done to help me, to inspire me, and to improve my life.”