Peace Be Still

I’m grateful this week for a simple phrase that continues to come to my mind, 

“Peace, Be Still”

In this world of commotion, trauma, pain, suffering, struggle and strife, there is a place where we can find refuge from the storm.  Our Savior and Brother, Jesus Christ, is this peace. He is the source of hope, strength, shelter…. “Be still and know that I am God”.  

I’m grateful I’ve heard these words repeatedly in my mind,  “Peace, Be still”.  How thankful I am for scriptures which are so chuck full of the most effective empowering thoughts, and for simple phrases that come in times of need. Have you had any come to your mind lately?  Please share them with me.

Christ is our focus.  His love wins.  I challenge you to go to Him in prayer.  Meditate with Him.  Allow His peace to permeate your soul and fill you up with love.  God is in charge of all the curriculum we experience here in mortality.  He is overseeing all our trials and triumphs, orchestrating them in the exact timing and degree of difficulty that will allow us to become more and more like His son, Jesus Christ.  May we turn to Him, run to Him, feel His loving embrace and be filled with His peace.

I love you all.  

“Peace, Be Still.”

Gratefully yours,

Candice Noss

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