Good Morning Friends,

As summer is wrapping up and school gets back in session, my thoughts have turned to how grateful I am for schedules and plans.  What are you thankful for this Thursday?

I had a client of mine who is an incredible graphic designer create this visual representation of the Trifecta Transformation System.

For transformational change to occur, for us to uplevel in any area and become more in alignment with our most divine self, there is a process which proceeds step by step in an upward spiral.  One of the 4 steps in this continual ever-changing growth cycle is to “set an intention/make a plan.”  Planning is key to successfully living from our higher brain and reaching the goals and visions we set for our future.

In my Body Love Program, “Plan what you eat and eat what you plan” is one of the 3 core principles clients commit to doing in order to achieve success.  I am thankful for the ability we, as humans, have to strategically make a plan and then to change that plan as we go.

I hope as the seasons change and summer turns into fall, you are feeling happy and healthy.  What are the things you are thankful for during this season of change?

Gratefully yours,

Candice Noss