Powerful Questions

Today, I am thankful for questions.  As I spoke at a girls camp this week, I challenged myself to ask them really good, thought provoking questions.  I’m grateful for the interactions, connection and alignment that followed.  I know the power of questions and I am so thankful for them.

Have you ever had a question change your life?  I realize that sounds a bit dramatic, but I am serious.  Is there a question that you’ve found that has the power to shift thought patterns, change the emotion driving you and ultimately create a pivot in your trajectory? Have you ever asked yourself or been asked a question that required deep soul searching and reframing of old beliefs? Have you ever connected more powerfully with yourself or someone else because of the questions you asked? 

There is one question I was introduced to a few years ago that changed my life.  It was the impetus that shifted my stinking thinking, and it propelled me forward into taking ownership of my thoughts.  As I reflect on the growth and transformations that followed, it blows my mind.  This one question was what sparked the change in me that ultimately led me to create my business, The Mind Body Spirit Trifecta.  It is because of this powerful question, and a few others I’ve found along the way that I am committed to working my tail off to enlighten, inspire, liberate and empower others.

“Is this serving me?”  I learned this question from Jody Moore, who learned it from Brooke Castillo, who I assume learned it from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   Regardless of where it originated, as I applied (and continue to apply) this question to my every thought, it gave me the necessary gumption to finally, after 40 years, at last, genuinely become the boss of my brain.  This question gave me permission to let go of the thoughts that landed me in self-doubt, insecurity, shame, depression, overwhelm, frustration, worthlessness and inadequacy.  This question gave me traction towards finding new thoughts that do serve me. As I continue to apply this question I live with a mind firmly aligned and truly am the CEO of my brain and my life.  I challenge you to invoke the power of this question upon your every thought and make the necessary adjustments.  If you would like some help doing this, reach out to me!!  

“What would a Holy Woman do?” Wendy Nelson poses this question and I believe it was divinely given.  The fact is, we know!  When we get in touch with our true self and let go of the distraction, deception and discouragement of the natural man, the answer to this powerful question is very clear.  It points us in the direction of growth and love.  When you are faced with a choice, free time, or a trial, I challenge you to apply this important question to the situation and follow the inspiration that comes. 

“Help me understand, what is this like for you?” Or “…? Help me understand.” Justin Coulson taught me this doozy of a question and it is a Godsend.  Asking this question whenever I can is magically building bridges between me and the strained relationships I am striving to heal.  Kids, family, friends… regardless of who it is, getting curious, not furious with genuine, heartfelt, non-judgmental questions is like a balm to irritated relationships.  I am so grateful for this powerful question.

“How can I help?” The main doctor on the show, New Amsterdam, always asks this question and everytime he does, it touches my heart.  Do I ask this enough? Coming home from Fiji, Florida, and then the conference I attended last week impressed upon me the truth of the divine law, “Givers Gain.” (It’s also the BNI motto.). The more we strive to help others’ dreams come true, the more dreams of our own magically come to fruition.  It all starts with this one question, “How can I help?”

I am thankful this week for these few important questions I seek to ask myself and those I love often.  

What are the questions that have changed your life? What powerful questions do you utilize regularly to live your life intentionally?  What stimulating questions do you use to challenge yourself and others?  Is there a question that has created significant growth in your life? 

Please share your questions with me!!  There is power in a thought provoking question and I am on the hunt for them!!


Candice Noss


After taking a break for the summer, I am starting up my Body Love Program again!! 🙂 This program absolutely lights me up because of the life-changing growth and joy it’s brought to so many incredible women I’ve worked with.  If you are ready to level up in your mind, body and spirit, join my September group!!  I will be sending out the foundational videos this month so we will be ready on September 1st to hit the ground running.  Send your friends and family my way. I’m driven to help as many people as possible learn how to live with a mind firmly aligned, a body purposefully loved and a spirit powerfully accessed.  

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