Pride, Humility, & Abundance

Good Morning Friends,

On this beautiful Thursday, I am thankful for increased awareness of pride- what it is, what it isn’t and how it relates to humility and abundance. 

Growing up in a religious culture, one of the things that was pounded into me was “Beware of PRIDE!!!”, and “Always be HUMBLE”. I saw pride as one of the worst things I could fall for and therefore I wanted to avoid pride at all costs.  I was so concerned about being “prideful”, that I would argue for my weaknesses and deflect every compliment.  I thought that bringing attention to where I was a mess and never letting a compliment land was the best way to be humble.  I actually embraced my insecurity as a positive, believing it was keeping me humble and therefore “good”.

I’ve learned some important things since then!!  Pride is actually a double sided coin.  There is pride from the top looking down, with an “I’m so much better than others” attitude.  AND, just as problematic is the pride from the bottom looking up, with an “I’m so much worse than others” attitude. The truth is, we ALL have infinite worth. Pride would have us rank each other and compare. This only leads to lands us in insecurity or conceit- both are pride.  

In reality, no one is better than another and no one is worse than another.  Each one of us is on our own journey, growing and becoming at our own pace.  Each human being on this earth is infinitely important and special.  One thought that came to me in answer to prayer as I was creating my conquering confidence course a few years ago is, “WORTH is set, but GROWTH is optional.”  Where we end up in life is all about how we use our agency. The amount we choose to grow is our choice, and it is independent of our value. Someone who is “successful” in the world’s eyes isn’t better or worse than someone who is “failing” in the world’s eyes.  Judgment is God’s and our job is simply to love.  We are all awesome, and we are all a work in progress.  This life is all about learning to love each other, even in our messiness.

Recognizing our gifts, talents and strengths isn’t prideful unless we use them to elevate ourselves above another.  In fact, if we don’t own the greatness we bring to the table, we will never be able to accomplish the important work we are sent here to do.  Acknowledging the ways in which I shine does not diminish the incredible talents of my neighbor.  And as he operates in his genius, it only inspires me to continue to develop my gifts.  As we eliminate pride, then your victory truly does become my victory and together we rise. Isn’t it beautiful when pride is no longer in the picture!

Insecurity, playing small and focusing on our weaknesses is NOT humility.  It is actually a form of pride from the bottom looking up.  What humility really is, is knowing that the reason for any success or strength I possess is due to God, and the Glory is His. It is genuinely understanding that without God I am less than the dust, but with God, I can bring about miracles! Humility is knowing that my way isn’t the only way, and that I am not perfect, but continually seeking growth. 

So, how does abundance play into pride and humility?  Is it possible to receive ridiculous abundance and still land in humility?

Recently, a thread of this old mentality raised it’s ugly head again in my life.  With the help of a mastermind group I’m involved with, I realized I was hindering the growth of my business with a false belief. It was crazy to realize I was still buying into the belief that if I became super successful- spoiled with bounteous, overflowing levels of abundance- pride would take over and I would lose my connection to Christ. After dissecting this belief and proving it wrong, I can now laugh at it.  The truth is, receiving higher and higher levels of abundance will only happen with God’s help.  If He sees fit to bless me in this way, it will NOT be because I am any better than anyone else.  As I strive to step in to who I really am, owning my greatness, and step up to my missions to this world, any hearts I touch or lives I change will only be through the grace of God.  Abundance can flow to and through me AND I can stay humble, connected to my Savior.

I am so thankful for the realization that I was falsely associating high levels of abundance with a byproduct of pride.  I am grateful for increased clarity that humility doesn’t have anything to do with abundance or lack, but with giving credit where credit is due.  Humility has everything to do with praising God and feeling genuine gratitude for each and every blessing, despite how many or few we receive. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts about pride, humility and abundance!!

What are you thankful for on this beautiful Thursday?

Remember- You are Designed for Greatness!!

Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss


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