Hello Friends!!

I’m grateful today for pride.  

I’m sure many of you just flinched- LOL.  

If you are like me, we’ve been taught to, “Watch out for pride!!”.  It has been engrained into us, growing up our whole lives, that pride is bad and we must be humble.

I truly am grateful to understand what pride actually is and what it is not; and what humility is and what it is not.

During 3 coaching calls this week, the subject of pride and humility came up.  This tells me it is a subject worth exploring.

I consider pride on a continuum or as a teeter-totter.  The magical middle of the teeter totter, where pride is healthy and good, this is where we want to land.  

Healthy pride is also known as self-belief or confidence.  It says, “With God I can do great things!!”, “I am designed for greatness!!”, “I’m not better than anyone else and also, I am not worse than anyone else”, and “I’m doing well here and am excited to grow there.” 

To the far right is the kind of pride our parents taught us to avoid, self-aggrandizement.  This says, “I am better than others.”  It is conceited, arrogant, and full of ego as well as entitlement.  It is often referred to as pride from above.

The far left of the pride continuum is self-loathing.  Thinking that you are worse than others is just as much of a sin as thinking you are better than others. It’s just the other side of the same coin.  Self-loathing is a rejection of God’s beautiful handiwork. It says, “I’m worse than others”, “I am not as good, worthy, enough, or as valuable as some people.”  

Self-Loathing is NOT humility!!  Treating yourself like a doormat, or allowing others to treat you as if you are insuperior is pride from below.

True humility is a powerful character trait.  It keeps one teachable, open to growth and ensures continual development.  Humility says “I’ve always got more to learn”, “I am far from perfect and there are an abundance of ways I need to grow”, and “I can’t do it on my own- together we rise.”  Humility and self-belief are best friends which go hand in hand along the path to growth.  


Self-Loathing – “I am worse than everyone else”

Self-Belief/Confidence – “With God I can do great things!” and “I am not better or worse than anyone”

Self-aggrandizement- “I am better than everyone else”


In order to truly own our greatness and live into our divine missions, we absolutely MUST have sufficient healthy pride, or belief in ourselves.  We must claim the gifts, talents, strengths and aptitudes we’ve been blessed with, and step up to serve the world with them.  This is NOT prideful, but vitally necessary if we are to stand tall and be a light in this darkening world.

You are designed for greatness and so am I!!  Every single soul on this planet is designed for greatness and owning that greatness is powerful, not prideful.  

What are you grateful for this week? Let me know- I LOVE hearing from my peeps!!! 

Rooting for you always,



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