Process Over Results

Happy Thursday!!

I’m thankful for a statement I heard today from Justin Su’a,

 “Turn finish lines into mile markers.”

As I’ve discussed in a previous Thankful Thursday email, I strive to be uber aware of things that repeatedly show up for me. “Repetition should rivet attention” (David Bednar).  A principle showing up for me again and again over the past 2 weeks is the importance of process over results.  

We don’t usually have complete control over the results, or “finish lines”, in our lives.  Whether we get the part, win the prize, score the goal, gain the promotion, fill the course, sell the quota… the end result is often dependent on numerous variables outside of ourselves.  

The process, however, is 100% within our control.  The systems we put in place, our persistence in following through with our commitments, our consistency, the way we show up faithfully and in alignment… this process is what propels growth and builds our character.  

If we define success based on our results, there is the risk of burnout, unmet expectations, believing our value is conditional, perfectionistic all or nothing thinking, victim posturing and a fixed mindset.  

The empowering alternative is to measure success based on the things that are 100% within our control: our growth; our thoughts, feelings and actions; and the way we love God, ourselves and others.  As we “turn finish lines into mile markers” it becomes easier to remember we are running a marathon, not a sprint.  Absolutely celebrate every accomplishment along the way, building momentum with each mile marker.  But the end goal is all about who we become along the journey, not the actual finish line.

As we meet goal after goal, passing mile marker after mile marker, it will be because of our character and our process.  The habits we develop help us build our capacity to keep going and keep growing.  Souls need growth.  This life is designed to build us up and tear us down, only to rebuild again and again in a constant up-leveling cycle of growth. Not crossing the finish line or failing to get the result we desperately want, is often the critical piece that catapults us into the person we were meant to become.   

I’m grateful for the gentle reminder that it’s not about the finish lines, it’s about the journey and who we become as we reach each mile marker.

What are you thankful for this beautiful Thursday?


Genuinely yours,

Candice Noss


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