Progress Over Perfection

Hello my favorite friends!!

I love the chance I get to connect with you each week over principles and concepts that are changing my life and hopefully inspiring yours. 🙂

I am thankful for a theme that kept coming up for me over the last week, PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION. 

It is so easy to get caught up in perfectionism!!  Our society has a raging infection of comparisonitis.  “Keeping up with the Jones’ ” drives way too many of our thoughts, feelings and actions.  The “Manuals” we cling to about how things “should be” or are “supposed to be” create all sorts of resistance, blocking our progress.  Do you find that you beat yourself up because you are not “perfect” in “all the things?”

I heard a statement this weekend which I love, “You are perfectly created— Not created to be perfect.” No matter what issues we have with our body, our circumstances, our relationships… it was all created, every single moving part of our life and what makes us uniquely us, in perfect orchestration to ultimately result in our GROWTH. It is in the places where we don’t measure up that the progress happens. In fact our mess often becomes our message.  The thing in the way, becomes the way.  Trials, weaknesses, struggle, discomfort… these are the impetus for our PROGRESS.  

I love how April Price puts it, “The body that I got when I came to earth was designed for me. The body that I got had cancer.  And the body that I got has had lots of side effects from radiation and chemotherapy and all the treatments that I had to go through.  It’s given me, because of all that, a certain life experience.  I believe it was the experience I was supposed to get.  There are things that I have learned from my body that I couldn’t have learned in another way.  I needed this body to learn them. It was all on purpose.  This same body with it’s cancer and it’s difficult pregnancies and it’s allergies to paloverde trees, also has short legs, a flat chest and a tiny nose and it is all perfect.  It was all designed for me and it’s perfect.”

There is this YouTube clip of a Near Death Experience that I love.  The woman who died and experienced what heaven is like said this, “We have this really screwed up definition of what ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is.  To us ‘good’ is when nothing is wrong and everything is right. However, in the spiritual realm, ‘Good’ is forward motion, no matter how awful it feels.  If you are moving forward and growing, effecting the lives of other people, even if you are doing it through grief or [any other difficult emotion], that’s considered ‘good’.  Even thought all the circumstances around it suck, it’s not ‘bad’. It’s good because you are moving forward.”

Progress over perfection is the key to sustaining a healthy growth mindset.

The empowering thought I love to tell myself daily to silence my perfectionism is, “I am committed to GROWTH as I consistently and persistently pursue excellence.”

How do you check yourself and focus on progress over perfection? What are you thankful for this Thursday?

Onward and Upward,

Candice Noss


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