Quietly Quitting

Hello Friends!!

On this “Thankful Thursday” I am grateful to be aware of a concept a friend brought to my attention, “Quietly Quitting”.  It is important to be aware that when we are operating on auto-pilot, with the lower brain driving our life, it is easy to fall for “quietly quitting”.  Anyone who reverts to the default wiring of their lower brain, which is wired for extreme survivalism, tribal paranoia and natural man tendencies, becomes very susceptible to “quietly quitting”.  It is so easy to get lulled into the comfort of mediocrity and the ease of disengagement.  When we knowingly or unknowingly “quietly quit” then fulfillment of our dreams and purpose is forgotten in lieu of seeking pleasure, avoiding pain and conserving energy.

Let’s get clear about what “Quietly Quitting” looks like.  When an individual disengages, either consciously or unconsciously, from their work, spouse, family, or other responsibilities without openly expressing their dissatisfaction, they “quietly quit”.  “Quietly Quitting” is a passive form of disengagement where the person may continue physically showing up, but mentally and emotionally they draw back from their obligations and the things that used to bring them joy. It is characterized by withdrawal, decreased motivation and decline in commitment.  The passion, enthusiasm and dedication to their work, relationship or calling diminishes, eventually resulting in disconnection, disengagement, and unfulfilled potential.  “Quietly quitting” looks like not caring anymore. 

If you recognize “Quiet Quitting” tendencies in yourself or a loved one, it is imperative to first, bring awareness to the situation.  Is this a purposeful disengagement, or a subtle drift that has been going on without full awareness?  Is there a desire to pivot? Is there a divine discontent that will ultimately lead to rediscovering motivation, reigniting passion and returning to a life of fulfillment and purpose? What changes and support are necessary to revitalize and reanimate this one chance we get at mortality?

“Quiet quitters” are often sleep walking through life without even knowing it.  The most rewarding thing about the work I do is enlightening and then empowering beautiful souls to “wake up” to the power of their thoughts in order to operate life from their higher brain.  Witnessing powerful shifts where they take complete ownership over their thoughts, feelings and actions in order to create and live their best life is absolutely magical. It requires a mind, body, spirit approach in order to get our human trifecta healthy and humming. Watching incredible humans transform as they learn to genuinely love and respect themselves is truly exhilarating.  My passion is liberating powerful people from their slumber, their natural tendency to quietly quit life, by waking them up to their greatness as they step in to who they really are and step up to their missions to this world.

My challenge for you today is to check in with yourself and your loved ones.  Where in your life are you succumbing to “quietly quitting”? What can you do to flip the switch, and operate this area from your higher brain and from high vibe emotions?  How can you connect more solidly to your own greatness and your beautiful purpose?  How can you be more present and engaged in the things you choose to do and with the people in your circle?

I’m so thankful for this new verbiage, “quietly quitting”, and the powerful growth that comes from recognizing it in our lives.  Reach out if you’d like some help conquering this and remember,


Rooting for you always,
Candice Noss

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