Dear Friends,

I’m so thankful it’s Thursday and we are only one day away from the weekend!!  

May seems to be especially full this year.  The anticipation of summer is in full force over here at the Noss household. 😉 It has caused me to notice the contrast to last year at this time.  May of 2020 was quite the opposite story.

I’m super thankful for the perspective COVID shed on our schedule that is overflowing with opportunities and activities.  What a blessing it is that restrictions are being lifted and life is returning, in part, to pre-COVID normalcy.

Another blessing from COVID was the experience of truly being present with all the family together at home for an extended time period.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt a strong pull to downshift for the summer in order to allow me to focus on my kids.  I’m excited to create moments of connection with my family and to open my time up a bit for further education and study of the mind, body and spirit.  

One of my dear friends often quotes her brother, Bryan Arzani, “We don’t learn from experience.  We learn from reflection on experience.” I am thankful this Thursday for sober reflections on the COVID experience and the lessons learned from this pandemic.  I’m grateful for tender mercies and impressions resulting in shifted perspectives and re-aligned priorities.  

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

With Light and Love,

Candice Noss