Thursday, June 13, 2024

Good Morning Friends,

I am thankful today for resilience.  I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the YW from the Sandy/Midvalley UT stake Monday night.  It was a beautiful evening.  I felt so divinely inspired about the time I spent with these incredible ladies.  After my remarks, Steve Eliason talked about suicide prevention. I am grateful for the truths he shared about RESILIENCE, which powerfully hit home to me and hopefully everyone there.

Resilience is defined as, “the capacity of a person to maintain their core purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changed circumstances; the ability to not only overcome setbacks, but also move forward.”  

Resilience to me is represented by the visual of a tree that gets bent forward, backward, right and left by the strong winds, yet returns everytime to grow straight up as soon as the winds cease and the storm passes.

“Good timber does not grow with ease;

The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.”

(Douglas Malloch)

We know there will be opposition in all things.  Life will be 50/50.  Regardless of our worthiness, righteousness, obedience, hopes, dreams, prayers, work, best efforts… there will be devastating times when life will knock us down.  It is inevitable.  When the hard times occur, resilience comes from acknowledging that nothing has gone wrong.  Bend, but don’t break.  Weather the storm the best you can, then return to upright and keep growing.  Resilience allows the pain with acceptance instead of resistance, knowing the hard times will pass. Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.  Suffering = pain + resistance.  If we can drop the “coulda/woulda/shoulda, I just wish, it’s not supposed to…” and accept the reality of the circumstances, we will be resilient. 

Steve Eliason created the free Safe UT app which is an amazing resource for suicide prevention. I highly recommend getting it for you and your family.  He shared that everyone (unless you are a psychopath) will have suicidal thoughts or know someone who has had suicidal thoughts at some point in their life.  Nothing is wrong with you if you have had these kind of thoughts before. It just means you have a normal human brain. However, it is our power and our school to use our free agency to choose to reject this kind of stinking thinking. Think about what you are thinking about.  Where do these thoughts come from? Do they serve you?

There will be times of severe anguish and agony in your life.  You will most likely experience a dark night of the soul, which might cause you to question the reason for your very existence. Don’t fall for the traps of the adversary, whose playground is our mind.  The enemy loves to attack us when we are down.  He is an opportunist and will feed you thoughts in the form of lies about your worth, your identity, and your life’s purpose.  He push into your mind thoughts of hopelessness and discouragement.  He loves to force thoughts into your head that generate shame and fear.  He wants to destroy you. Don’t fall for it!!  Reach out, talk to someone, get help. Failures, betrayals, heartbreaks, mess-ups… they are necessary, not negative.  Ultimately they will result in our growth as we learn resilience during the storms of life.

These are some incredible examples of resilience which I LOVE!!

Guess who:

She was demoted from her job as a news anchor because she “wasn’t fit for television“.

He was cut from his HS Varsity Basketball team for lacking skill, height and strength.

He was fired from his job at the newspaper because he “Lacked imagination”.

He was rejected from film school 3x.

He was labeled “Mentally slow” on his permanent school record.

He was fired from the grand Ole Opry and told to go back to truck driving.


Oprah Winfrey

Michael Jordan

Walt Disney

Steven Spielberg

Albert Einstein

Elvis Presley

Resilience is absolutely necessary for successfully navigating this tricky human existence.  May we all work to strengthen this ability to endure the upsets of life while being unshaken in our identity, purpose, integrity and values.  Resilience comes from knowing, despite circumstances or extrinsic factors, that our worth is set and it is infinite.  It comes from believing in your belovedness and owning your divine greatness, whatever happens.

I am so grateful for resilience and would love your insights on building resilience.

One beautiful way to increase resilience is to remember- 


Rooting for you always,


If you are in the middle of a storm, stuck in stinking thinking, reach out.  Respond to this email. Schedule a free call- I’m here to help!!