Dear Friends,

I love this quote and am super thankful for the insight it creates about the difficult 50 of life.

 “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.  Suffering= Pain + Resistance”.

I’m not sure who to credit for saying it, but the truth of this resonates strongly with me. Understanding the difference between pain and suffering, empowers the ability to let go of mentalities that, if held tightly, keep us stuck. I’m grateful for the liberation that comes with allowing “what is” to be, even when it is uncomfortable.

Some of the ways resistance can show up in our life are: the stories we tell that do not serve us; the “manuals” we have for ourselves, others and/or God that set some expectation or checklist of requirements which clash with reality; and “Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda”, “If only…”, “It’s/he’s/she’s not supposed to…”, or “I just wish” type thinking.   

If you find yourself spinning in any of this resistance kind of thinking, stop and “Give yourself a check-up from the neck-up”.  Brain dump to unravel and expose the stories, manuals and thought processes that are adding suffering to the already difficult 50 of life. Reach out to me for help if I can be of any service.

I’m so grateful for the realization that life is supposed to be painful (at least 50% of the time!!) in order for our growth— and nothing has gone wrong!!  The truth is, people will misjudge, slander, abuse, mistreat, and downright behave badly.  Circumstances will test all of us.  Trials will try even the most righteous, successful and strong.  It’s what we do with the stumbling blocks that come our way that determine if we trip up and stay stuck; or if we use them as stepping stones and grow.  

Letting go of resistance is the first step to overcoming the hard battles we are called to fight. I’m so grateful for this knowledge and thankful for the strength this gives me to say, “OK, so now what?” Understanding “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional” and “Suffering = pain + resistance” facilitates stepping out of victim mode and taking ownership of all of it.  

I’m so grateful for the power that comes from knowledge and truth!!  Do you have any quotes or sayings that you are thankful for which are helping you navigate life?  Please share them with me- I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss